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Sacramento Kings

Game Thread 45: Charlotte Hornets / Sacramento...

Jan 24 2016 11:10 PM | joe in Sacramento Kings

Charlotte Hornets (21-23) at Sacramento Kings (20-23) Monday, January 25, 2016, 10:00pm ET Sleep Train Arena, Sacramento, CA Referees #28 or #33 Zach Zarba | #76 Steve Anderson | #35 Kane Fitzgerald Matchups Rajon Rondo vs Kemba Walker | P...

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Blogcat's Take, 3/21

Mar 21 2015 01:35 PM | Blogcat in Sacramento Kings

Hornets fans, now might be the time to get your affairs in order and make peace with your playoff gods. If we can’t beat the Boogie-less Sacramento Kings after 2 days off and with a healthy lineup, then our postseason dreams need to be taken behind the...

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Bobcats In a Tailspin

Mar 03 2013 06:51 PM | Andrew Barraclough in Sacramento Kings

Tonight, I forgot there was a game.  Apparently, so did the Charlotte Bobcats.  That's a bad joke thousands of people make all the time.  I often make it.  My dear sweet, long suffering mother often asks, "Are the Bobcats playing tonight?"  I respond w...

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Warrick, What He Isn’t Good For: Closing Out Games

Jan 20 2013 07:11 AM | Blogcat in Sacramento Kings

I should first say that I’m totally in favor of playing Hakim Warrick over Tyrus Thomas whenever it’s humanly possible, and probably also when it’s possible for cyborgs, androids, mutants, Vulcans, Terminators, Robocops, UniSols, replicants, and robots...

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HeartBreak City

Apr 01 2008 06:10 PM | Guest in Sacramento Kings

Heartbreak.  That’s the only emotion I can elicit after witnessing Davidson college come within two points of making the Final Four on Sunday evening.  At the beginning of the tournament, Davidson was our state’s little secret, quietly riding the nati...

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Gerald Wallace suffers a class 3 concussion

Feb 23 2008 01:33 AM | Guest in Sacramento Kings

Last night in Bobcats Arena, Gerald Wallace suffered a class 3 concussion after receiving an inadvertent elbow from the Sacramento Kings Mikki Moore. He was down on the court for 15 minutes motionless before being wheeled off. It was a frightening si...

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The words of an angry Bobcats fan

Jan 03 2008 01:46 PM | Guest in Sacramento Kings

Dav7z a longtime member of BobcatsPlanet, and one of the most diehard Bobcats fans that you will find anywhere is fed up with the Bobcats play in general and Sam Vincent specifically. Below are his words on the state of the Bobcats  M.J...

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Kings 135, Bobcats 120: Blogcat's Take

Mar 01 2007 03:45 AM | ziggy in Sacramento Kings

First, I’d like to apologize.  I should never have told female referee Violet Palmer that she needs to “go back to the kitchen.”  It seemed funny at the time, but—oh wait, that wasn’t me.  That was Celtics a...

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