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Gerald Wallace suffers a class 3 concussion

Last night in Bobcats Arena, Gerald Wallace suffered a class 3 concussion after receiving an inadvertent elbow from the Sacramento Kings Mikki Moore. He was down on the court for 15 minutes motionless before being wheeled off. It was a frightening situation.



Reaction from BobcatsPlanet members that were in attendance at the arena last night:


I was at the game and about 15 feet from him laying on the ground. it was scary, really scary. the players were upset because i heard on the radio that his lip was just shaking and his eyes were rolled in the back of his head. the players were really upset. there was a big hush over the crowd and his wife and family was there and were upset but calm as they were told to go right to the hospital. you could hear a pin drop. when they moved him on the stretcher (which i have never seen before) he looked lifeless. i am just happy he is awake with just a concussion and amnesia. gosh, it was really scary seeing him on the ground like that. especially since we see  him fall all the time.

thoughts and prayers with him and his family. it was definitly scary though. (hard to explain in words)


Like other attendees can attest, it was masoleum silence while Gerald was down.  A solid, loud crowd much of the night was just silent...very erie.  You could tell it was ugly because there was no movement from the time he was on the floor all the way through his being wheeled out into the tunnel.  "I hate you Mikki Moore.  You hurt Gerald.  You just jealous," is what the girl sitting beside me yelled out, which was priceless Cheesy    Last I heard, leaving the arena after the postgame concert was that he had been released from the hospital, so I can only imagine that's good news, though I can't see him playing again for a while (at least a couple weeks, probably?  I don't know...)  That was just surreal and miserable.

Our guys did very well, considering the GW trauma and the person labeled "Head Coach" of the team; if not for this individual, we probably could've won in regulation because Jared would've been logging more minutes, and Jeff would've been logging little time; but that said, our guys have no say in that matter, so they did what they could, and really got "The Biscuit" rockin' at the end of the 4th and in OT, and that's really all you can ask for at this point in the season...