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The words of an angry Bobcats fan

Dav7z a longtime member of BobcatsPlanet, and one of the most diehard Bobcats fans that you will find anywhere is fed up with the Bobcats play in general and Sam Vincent specifically. Below are his words on the state of the Bobcats 

M.J really messed up on this move.
Vincent doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. He has no
clue at all how to run a team. Something MUST be done quickly or we
will lose what little support the team has now. Jordan has given this
dumb ass every thing hes asked for and he keeps coming up with
excuses. EVERY average fan can tell hes nowhere close to being a head
basketball coach at the NBA level. So M.J. Bernie and Johnson have to
know this by now. Maybe we'll see a coaching change before the all
star break.

This coach has two players averaging
over 20 per the last 10 games and can't smell a win.

Okafor must hate him because his
numbers have gone down the toilet. This is a player we were thinking
might be in line to get a max contract. Watch Raymond Felton hes
playing like he can't do a damned thing right. Hes not thinking about
wining hes just trying to please a dumb ass coach instead of just
playing the game. This coach is so stupid he has NO good set screen
plays for one of the best pure shooters in the NBA. Has any one
noticed that Matt Carroll doesn't get open looks any more? Does any
one notice we only run one offensive set most of the time... The
weave. Where in the hell is the pick and roll? I would love to see
that at least once with Rich and Wallace. Or a triangle with Okafor ,
Wallace, Rich. Or have Felton drive the lane, but don't just have
the other four just stand and watch have them moving to the open spot
(never happens ).

Does this coach love east ,west ball
because thats all that Jeff McInnis does until the shot clock runs
out then he passes to the wing forcing a long three with the clock on
that players back. Have you noticed that shit happens to Felton a
lot, and now its starting to happen to Wallace?

What in the hell happened to the
run and gun team he said we should have. He stated we had two of the
FASTEST and best wings in the NBA. Also he said that we have one of
the fastest points in the league in Felton. Now this coach is saying
he shouldn't even be a point but a combo. I just can't understand
what the hell is going on.

To top off all this stupidity this
coach STARTS a player who is ranked in power rankings lower than 400
(Jeff McInnis). That means there are 399 players in the NBA who are
better than that player. But still this coach starts him . Someone
please explain this stupidity to me, I can't understand it and i'm
starting to get frustrated as hell with the whole Bobcat team . I
don't mind losing . But all this stupid shit is starting to get under
my skin.

Damn i need some encouragement from