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Blazers & Spurs Wrapup plus the Memphis Grizzlies preview

Welcome to the 3 game win streak, by round of applause how do you feel?
It's Stand Up Month on Comedy Central.  Last weekend I laid on the couch and ended a run of pretty good comedians with the biggest name in comedy from about 8 years ago.  Dane Cook is lame as hell but he took one of my original ideas for "BigCat: The Stand Up Experience."   It drives me crazy that an acceptable form of communication is "WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"  Sort of like the greeting "Hey."  Anyway, he made the point that no where else does the "By round of applause how do you feel?" work.  But after tonight I feel all "WHOOOOOOO" and standing ovation, clapping and hollering for about 10 mins after the game, and you know what?  I actually did.  That was awesome.  I wish we had ended it in the regulation period but overtime WIN will have to do.  Man, we've had 4 chances at that 3rd win this year and finally January 17 it happens.  Gerald Wallace with 31, Okafor with 22.  BY ROUND OF APPLAUSE, HOW DO YOU FEEL?
Gerald Wallace had one of the best dunks that I've seen all year.  Greg Oden got posterized by both Gerald and Okafor as well as blocked by Adam Morrison.  When I went to the bathroom with about 98 seconds left in the game, whenever that last time out was, the radio announcer mentioned that the Blazer's bench had 41 of their 90 or something points at the time.  That's a lot.  Bayless, Fernandez, yeah, big deal.  We've got Raymond Felton and he's feeling it at the end of games.  He made some beautiful moves there at the end of regulation.  Got his man, Fernandez (I think) on his heels and nailed a shot to pull ahead by 2 but this game was destined for overtime. 
I really liked how Charlotte held the lead for most of the game.  Strong game for the 'Cats.  And I fell asleep before finishing this one...lets move on to this afternoon against San Antonio, shall we?
I couldn't decide what to do with today's game.  It's 2pm tip, I didn't have the day off.  So umm anyway, the game was cool.  Sean May was in uniform was the first basketball related thing I noticed.  Who didn't?  I mean come on the guy is huge.  That was not nice but hey, it was there for the taking.  DJ is still hurt and Diop, who I still haven't decided on how to pronounce, wasn't ready to play, he only practiced through part of it yesterday according to professional radio announcer Stan Smith.  Side-note: has anyone noticed that the station that carries the Bobcats games has changed to Latin radio?  You know, you get in the car the morning after a game and it's still tuned there and you hear the trumpets and maracas?  What's the deal?  How can this town not support an oldies radio station? 
Anyway, game started well for the Bobcats even though Tim Duncan scored on his first 3 baskets and made it look easy.  I really wish I could have payed closer attention but I had friends come in from out of town and buddy of mine brought his "new" girlfriend and I had to do the whole "Hey, nice to meet you.  What do you do for a living?  How did you meet?  Thanks for confirming my friend isn't gay, thing."  Anyway, the game was fun.  I mean I can't stand the way San Antonio plays.  I saw their first offensive set and to be honest I figured it'd be a really boring game.  They have the offensive set of, 3's are worth more than 2's.  I figured they'd just spread it out, pick and roll, Ginobli, Parker and Duncan making back door cuts.  Hill, Oberto, Mason no one really took over the game but the Bobcats were down by 8 to end the quarter.
I wasn't really worried because I kept hearing my Dad's voice in my head "Ugh, you know son, the Bobcats aren't really that bad.  It just seems like they don't get the ball through the hoop as often as the other team."  Basically the Bobcats are fun and easy to watch, even when they're down by 8.  The 2nd quarter kind of threw me.  I didn't understand why Larry was leaving Mohommed out there for such a stretch.  Also, Howard, I like the attitude but he doesn't bring much in the way of points.  It's the presence I guess.  Also, Duncan sat for most of the 2nd and 3rd, Larry liked his match-up there I think.  Okafor and Duncan match up pretty well.  I like how Okafor plays against him.  The offensive end for Okafor is rarely strong, but this after noon he actually dunked on him.  I don't like Duncan at all.  He constantly whines, he's never committed a foul and when he does he holds his hands up and backs away like a b-word.  Just as he did today and Gerald let him know he didn't appreciate it and I think that was the sequence that led to Larry getting a tech to end the half.  I made a really good joke when the Bobcats came back from half.  "Hey SEAN!  How does it feel to wear a uniform?"  Good one right? 
Coming back after the mini-Bobcats or whatever the bunches of kids roaming the court was at halftime, (yeah I ripped on some 7-8 year old kids.  What about it?) Finley got to take the technical foul shot.  I thought that was a little weird but whatever, I don't think he made it.  I was trying to find a soda.  3 concession area's open today, TWC Arena staff?  Really?  You thought only like 1/4 of the crowd wanted something to eat or drink at 2-5 PM today?  Smart...By the time I got back to my seat the Cats were actually up by 3.  You can attribute most of that comeback to Raja Bell.  Raja played well today, he really did.  I just kept looking up at the scores and hey, dude had like 21.  It actually surprised me, I guess because I missed that run to open the 2nd half.  Morrison couldn't get anything, couldn't get open, didn't make his shots.  Sean Singletary played pretty well on defense and didn't make any turnovers.  I was happy going into the 3rd, with Okafor grinding Duncan's shoulder blade just letting him know he just got dunked on and the 'Cats holding a lead.  4th quarter and the Spurs come back, somehow, I guess the Bobcats were missing shots they were making them.  Thanks there John Madden.  I can't analyze it, I don't think the Bobcats were giving it away and I don't think the Spurs were taking over.  I guess, looking at the play-by-play it started with Ginobli's 3 with 3:30 to go in the game, then another 3.  But then the Bobcats made some free throws and it didn't seem like it was getting out of hand, but 3 vs 2 here and there with them making a few free throws...then Duncan on sort of an isolation and Okafor blocked his shot.  Felton, trying a little too hard again to end the game, get's his shot blocked by Duncan straight to Diaw for 3 and he missed it barely to lose to the damn Spurs for the 8th time out of 9.  Whatever, we'll see you flopping a-holes in San Antionio March 10, when we'll be rolling towards the playoffs.
Wednesday, the Memphis Grizzlies come to town and as the PA guy told me, their star player is OJ Mayo.  Do you feel like you've been hearing about OJ Mayo since he was 11?  The new rule comes into effect before his "rookie" season and he is forced to go to USC, that would be Southern Cal, not the other "Carolina" you hicks.  I remember asking someone "Is USC a good college team for being in the Pac-10?"  "No, he's just going there because he wants to be in LA before he gets drafted.  You know he'll only be there one year."  That's when I knew that the one year of college rule was BS.  Anyway, the Bobcats had their most complete victory and largest margin in Memphis before the J-Rich trade.  The comments after from some of the veterans were along the lines of "Yeah, nice win but we play again tomorrow and then the rest of the season.  Don't pat yourselves on the back so fast.  Be a pro."  I can't find that link but I remember reading it.  After 3 straight and then today's narrow loss to San Antonio, I hope they remember to keep their heads and just go out and beat the Griz.  It's easily do-able and I would like to see Diop get some run if we get up large.  You know who else I'd like to see?  Alexis!  GEEE man that would be awesome....We'll see, we shall see.  Stay tuned BCP!