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Charlotte Bobcats get pounded by the OKC Thunder - playoff hopes slipping away

That sound that you are hearing is our playoff hopes slowly slipping away. Last night's loss to the OKC Thunder combined with an Indiana Pacers win against the Chicago Bulls drops the Cats to 9th in the Eastern conference, 1.5 games behind the Pacers. To make matters even worse the Pacers also hold the tiebreaker against us and if you're the type of person to look in your rear-view mirror the Milwaukee Bucks also won last night which allowed them to creep to 1 game behind us.

Maybe things will get a little easier in our game tonight. Hold on a second while a check to see who we are matched up against.

At this time we present to you quality entertainment for your viewing pleasure while ziggy fumbles around for the schedule

Ummm, maybe I would have been better off not checking at all... Tonight the Bobcats face off on the road against the league leading San Antonio Spurs. This isn't exactly the type of team that you want to match up with when you need to bounce back from a couple of losses.
On the bright side, maybe Richard Jefferson will treat everyone to a boat ride.

Can anyone give me a legit reason that the Bobcats will stand a chance tonight?


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