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Bobcats / Sonics Notes 11/18

Saturday night at Bobcats Arena the Bobcats defeated the Sonics 100-84 behind some blazing 2nd half shooting from Jason Richardsn (23 points and 4 threes for the night) and the continued strong play of Gerald Wallace (27 points, 7 rebounds, 2 steals, 3 blocks).

Here are a few bits of quality linkage on last nights game.

Seattle Post Intelligencer

"We just all woke up and
got together."

Especially Richardson. Acquired from Golden State
in a draft-night trade, Richardson provided the Bobcats' with that
explosive scoring they didn't have in their first three seasons.
Richardson hit four 3-pointers and scored 14 points in less than 3
minutes midway through the third quarter to erase an eight-point

The Charlotte Observer  

"We knew they'd played double-OT, so they had to be tired,"
Richardson said after scoring 23. "But if we didn't wake up, that
eight-point lead could have turned to 20."

So Richardson became
the human espresso machine, and the Bobcats were on a caffeine jag the
rest of the game. With just under eight minutes left they led by 16,
allowing some rest for the starters.

BobcatsPlanet's Forum discusses Othella Harrington's "not so triumphant" return 


I honestly can't remember the last time he played.  Nor can I remember
seeing him play at all.  Does he have a Jersey, even, or will he be
playing in a suit?  Considering that, I have no idea what to expect of
him.  Hopefully a he comes in and bumps into some people in the paint,
allowing us to better score inside and keeping them out of the lane. 
But I really don't know.  I just think he should use all that weight
for something.


I saw him. He sucked bad the few mins he played . Me and half of the
people in my section was booing him . As far as im concerned  i hope he
doesn't play in another game . All i cam say he sucks bad...........

Worse than Primoz


... And Harrington of course, looked impossibly bad.  He's gimpy, can
barely run, well he can jog, can't hardly jump an inch ... totally