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Charlotte Bobcats / Toronto Raptors Recap 11/27

Bobcats Lose to Bosh.  Who does he play for again? 

Great point made by special contributor to the Observer, Doug Smith: “And facing a great big man, the kind they're not really built to contend with, the Bobcats would have needed far more offense than they were able to muster.”

Chris Bosh, who I used to really think was a crap player, went off for 39 points and 11 rebounds last night.  That’s pretty solid!  His high total other than 39 is 42 and he’s only done that twice and one of those was in double overtime.  Who do the ‘Cats have to match up with this guy?  I thought maybe a combo of Ajinca, Hollins, Dudley and Okafor could slow him down but ugh, not so much.  Ajinca isn’t ready.  Hollins may never be ready.  Dudley and Okafor are shorter and slower than Bosh.  In Dudley’s case, much shorter.  Dudley had a nice game.  13 points for the guy with the high-basketball-IQ.  Okafor looked like “himself”  I don’t know who exactly he is after his injuries, great year last year, then down again this year but 16 points and 14 rebounds to go with his average number of blocks (1 and a bit) is good.

If the Bobcats are going to beat a team with a guy who is all but guaranteed to score piles of points their defense won’t be the match-up.  It would have to come from the offense.  Bosh outscored the next highest Raptor by 22.  Some guy named Joey Graham scored 17.  So, looks like the Bobcats should have the match-ups covered elsewhere if no one but Bosh wants to have a big game.  They didn’t.  Gerald Wallace scored 23 but shot 8 for 20.  That seems like a bad shooting night.  40%.  That’s Paul Pierce’s season average.  Kobe averages 45%.  That’s not bad but it feels like it.  Okafor’s 16 helps, as does DJ and Dudley with 13 but that’s not going to get it and it didn’t last night. 

I’m not worried about it really.  The Bobcats didn’t sit back and watch him go off.  The effort was there.  LB even said he was proud of the way the guys played.  Bosh’s biggest play was an ally-oop in the fourth quarter.  Then a few misses, Okafor scores a couple times and the Bobcats are right back in it.  It’s not horrible.  It’s not a win, but it’s not a bunch of guys who sit back and say to themselves, “We’re getting beat by a guy who we can’t stop.  That’s it.  It’s all over.”  These guys play as a nice team, missing a couple parts.  One of which might come back against the Pacers, as Coach Brown said he needed one last full practice.  The other part we’re missing, we’re not exactly sure where it will come from.  The power forward position remains a big empty void. 

Alexis Ajinca is starting at center with DJ Augustin at the PG which moves Raymond Felton to the 2 guard and Okafor to the PF.  It worked against Philly, not so much last night.  Ajinca didn’t get the minutes last night.  Sean May shouldn’t and can’t take the minutes.  I haven’t seen him leave his feet more than 5 times in any one game all season, forget keeping up with the pace of the game.  I don’t think moving Okafor to the PF and starting Ajinca every game or Nazr or Hollins is going to help us, last night or in the future.  It’s not a permanent solution.  So how do the Bobcats overcome these deficiencies?  Trade?  Not this year. 

I’d like to talk to someone in the front office and see what the plan is.  I really think someone other than Bonnell should be allowed access.  He is the only person that his entire job is to cover the Bobcats.  Any other writer that writes about the ‘Cats is either an AP guy or a part-timer, whose real interests are elsewhere (Panthers, College B-Ball and Football, sometimes even High School Sports.)  Write emails to whomever and get BIGCat in the arena!  I’m going to start a campaign because I really can’t find quotes from anyone other than LB and the players in pre- and post-game pressers.  BIGCat for beat writer, 2008-09!