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Thank You Toronto

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At this time after suffering through an abysmal 16 game losing streak, I think it is only appropriate that we give thanks to the people that helped the Charlotte Bobcats break this heinous streak that was on the verge of reaching Reverse-Undertaker-Wrestlemania-Streak proportions.

First I would like to thank the people of Toronto Canada. Thank you for your unrivaled hospitality, Thank you for your wacky National Anthem, Thank you for that goofy 3 dimensional design that you have on both ends of your court that makes it look like people are about to run into a sign 90 times a game.  Thank you for the Toronto Argonauts if for no other reason than naming your professional  football team after an Octopus is rather groundbreaking.

Thank you to all of the Toronto Raptors bloggers who will have to put up with the question of 'how on earth did we lose to this sorry team questions'. Good luck with those questions Raptors Republic and Raptors HQ.

Thank you to James Johnson, Amir Johnson and Leandro Barbosa who repeatedly challenged Bismack Biyombo, failing to understand that his arms are about 14 feet long and that the one thing that he does extremely well already in this league is block shots.

Thank you Toronto Raptors for saving us from the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest losing losing streak. Thank you to Andrea Bargnani's calf which fortunately for us was too jacked up to allow him on the court.

Thank you Toronto.... Your unmatched generosity is greatly appreciated.




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