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Utah Jazz

Bobcats Don’t Know The Meaning of The Word “Kan...

Mar 02 2013 06:23 AM | Blogcat in Utah Jazz

If any good came out of the Bobcats’ latest disaster-piece, a 98-68 shelling in Utah, it’s that Charlotte maybe has a better chance now of bargaining down the price of either Al Jefferson or Paul Millsap in the offseason. That’s because both Jazz big m...

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Deron Williams and the Utah Jazz kick the Charl...

Nov 14 2010 08:34 AM | ziggy in Utah Jazz

That may not be the most accurate description, but that is exactly how Deron Williams' floater felt to me when he drained it with 0.8 seconds left on the clock Did you guys get that same sick pain too? There was plenty of pain to go aroun...

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Charlotte Bobcat / Utah Jazz Game Review 11/15

Nov 15 2008 06:43 PM | Guest in Utah Jazz

Semi-Depleted Bobcats beat Seriously-Depleted Jazz  The headline in the Salt-Lake Tribune reads “Depleted Jazz let victory slip away.” The Observer’s for the same game reads “Hollins energizes Bobcats.”  I prefer to look at the game as a f...

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Charlotte Bobcats / Utah Jazz preview

Nov 14 2008 07:38 PM | Guest in Utah Jazz

Bobcats Hosting Jazz Tonight for “Star Wars the Clone Wars” Night That’s not a joke folks, check the link. Other than being completely geeky and possibly pandering to children (who shouldn’t be out past 8:30pm anyway), how can you have Sta...

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As the Forum Turns 7/11

Jul 11 2008 07:30 PM | Guest in Utah Jazz

Bobcats Fans are loving the Gerald Wallace and Sean May for Carlos Boozer rumor. Surprisingly Jazz fans fanzare fond of the deal too, although they think we're idiots for trying to squeeze Ronnie Brewer into the deal.Clippers fans are hoping to steal E...

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Blogcat's Take, 5/2

May 03 2008 10:00 AM | Guest in Utah Jazz

Phew! I just got back from a week-long trip to one of my company’s call centers, where we got to sit with service representatives and listen-in on their calls with irate/disinterested customers. It was highly interesting yet disappointing in the sense...

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Blogcat's Take, 12/21

Dec 21 2007 06:04 AM | Guest in Utah Jazz

Very strange win against Utah on Wednesday night.  The Jazz were (was?) up by 12 points late in the fourth and completely derailed.  Usually when I’m watching a team unravel like that, a) it happens in the 3rd quarter, and :cool: it...

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Blogcat's Thumbs Up/Sideways/Down

May 08 2007 04:36 AM | Guest in Utah Jazz

Thumbs Up: The Western Conference Playoffs Second Round Last night’s Jazz-Warriors game featured four double-doubles, six 20-point scorers, and a largest lead of just ten points. The Suns and Spurs, meanwhile, had a largest lead of just 8 points...

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Jazz 120, Bobcats 95: Blogcat's Take

Mar 06 2007 04:05 AM | Guest in Utah Jazz

The Bobcats are currently running a promotion called “Guys Night Out,” in which you get 2 hot hogs, 2 sodas, and 2 t-shirts. I’m not sure what’s so “guy” about this, so they ought to consider changing the title to...

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Bobcats 101, Jazz 89: Blogcat's Take

Dec 23 2006 05:39 AM | Guest in Utah Jazz

Heading into Friday night’s game against the Jazz, I had three critical questions: 1. How would the Bobcats respond to the Wednesday night Knick-ocaust? 2. What’s worse, being unable to sell your arena’s naming rights like the B...

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