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As the Forum Turns 7/11

Bobcats Fans are loving the Gerald Wallace and Sean May for Carlos Boozer rumor. Surprisingly Jazz fans fanzare fond of the deal too, although they think we're idiots for trying to squeeze Ronnie Brewer into the deal.

Clippers fans are hoping to steal Emeka Okafor for a cool $10 million. Speaking of the Clippers, Josh Smith apparently isn't sold on them, according to Hawks fans.

Laker fans think Ronny Turiaf is gone, they don't expect the Lakers to match the deal that he just signed with the Warriors. Their fans seem lukewarm on the possibile new addition. They are happy about rookie Anthony Randolph's summer league performance, He dropped 30 points the other night. Since we're talking about summer league performances, Grizzlies fans are buzzing over OJ Mayo's performance and amazed that Darrell Arthur managed to pick up 10 fouls in one summer league game.