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Charlotte Bobcats / Utah Jazz preview

Bobcats Hosting Jazz Tonight for “Star Wars the Clone Wars” Night

That’s not a joke folks, check the link. Other than being completely geeky and possibly pandering to children (who shouldn’t be out past 8:30pm anyway), how can you have Star Wars then a sub-war involving Clones? Shouldn’t it be “Star Wars the Clone Battles?” In WWII they didn’t have WWII, the Pacific War, it was the pacific theater. Wonder how much this will cost Bob and how much George Lucas makes off all this stuff.

Well, after dropping their last two games and starting out rough so far this season, the Charlotte Bobcats hope to show a little more spunk or charisma or heart or even, here’s a crazy idea, “Just win baby!” tonight at home against the Utah Jazz. Here is what I have gained this week to add to my vast knowledge of Bobcats and all things related:

  • Lots of conjecture and indecisiveness around who will replace Jason Richardson after his knee scope on Wednesday morning. First, I’d like to think J-Rich, while irreplaceable in our hearts and minds, isn’t a huge loss in the next two HOME games. After all, they are only 2 games and he’ll be back to normal. He woke up in the middle of the night after getting 5 stitches over his eye with swelling and inflammation in his right knee. (I have no idea why it’s Canadian Press, Google is un-American I guess?). This article also states it likely means more time for Adam Morrison which I’d venture to guess is the opinion shared by most here at BobcatsPlanet. Although most of us agree Ammo is the more likely to take the minutes the reports by the one beat writer that the Charlotte paper can afford to spare say Matt Carroll will start. Either way, I’m not worried because:
  • The Utah Jazz are doubtful about 2 players seeing any time on the court and one is definitely out. Memo Okur will be out attending to family matters back home in Turkey, wish him all the best. Andrei Kerilinko is out with some finger injury, hope he didn’t do it wiping away oh so many tears. Deron Williams apparently is still hurting from his ankle injury in the off season that caused him to miss the first 6 games and might keep him out tonight.
  • USA Today actually does a better job with their preview than the Charlotte paper. Notes from them: this is a sandwich game for Utah. They lost last night to the only team the Bobcats were ahead of in their division, the Wizards. They play Cleveland on Saturday. You’ve got to think that old man Sloan will want to rest his star and make the Bobcats beat them rather than try to jump out and put a beat down on the ‘Cats, not that anyone can assume anything against the Bobcats and I think the Hornets and Miami wins have shown. Don’t sleep on the ‘Cats. Also, the Jazz have never won in Charlotte.
  • I learned the Bobcats score the second lowest amount per game in the league at 87.3. This sucks. Everyone loves scoring a hundred, everyone watches basketball for the big plays and the high scorers, while defense is great to the general fans it’s not where your bread will be buttered for getting fans in the seats or in front of the TV, and apparently there is no TV coverage at all tonight let alone those poor people who don’t have a shot anyway because of crap TV contracts.

A couple just general thoughts about this week so far: #1 I’m so tired of the trade “rumors” Who says that these are actual rumors except amongst fans? I am getting more diligent in searching the web for news and rumors but they have to be reputable. “My friend told me he saw on a NJ message board that someone heard in a restaurant the Bobcats want to give up Gerald Wallace for Jason Kidd’s Shaddow” doesn’t work for me. Post a link at least. I think of people that look for trade rumors like people who think Frank Calliendo is a great comedian. Sure, if that’s all you know, if that’s the only way you relate to this team or comedy, that’s fine. Eventually you have to be exposed to the greats and you realize it’s just very hacky and there’s so much more out there. Go to a game, analyze the plays, watch the players play, breakdown film. Don’t sell our guys short right now, sure we need a 4 but don’t sell our guys up the river for the thought of someone along the lines of Eddy Curry or Sean Williams.

#2 This is along the same lines but, be a fan! Love what we’ve got, think about how we could improve, think about ways to get your friends as addicted as you are.

Finally #3 It will never be as bad as last year. Jeff McInnis won’t get closer to the arena than his mama’s house. Sam Vincent is where he should be, out of sight out of mind. (I was going to look it up and post a link but I don’t care, don’t want to ever see him again). Sean May will possibly dress tonight, Adam Morrison definitely will and we have a shot with a great head coach who is keeping these guys in games and playing well until something out of control happens (Like Bosh and O’Neal or Carmello or foul trouble for 2 or more of the core 4).

Post-game update coming tonight or more likely in the morning if I drink tonight!