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Deron Williams and the Utah Jazz kick the Charlotte Bobcats squarely in the junk

That may not be the most accurate description, but that is exactly how Deron Williams' floater felt to me when he drained it with 0.8 seconds left on the clock

Did you guys get that same sick pain too?

There was plenty of pain to go around. Via Rick Bonnell at the Charlotte Observer these are how some of the players felt about this loss.

Nazr Mohammed

The Jazz took its first lead with just 2 ½ minutes left on a three-point play by Jefferson. Center Nazr Mohammed fouled Jefferson on that possession, and though Mohammed was marvelous Saturday (22 points and 20 rebounds), he ripped himself fiercely for giving up that foul.

"I made a DUMB foul,'' Mohammed said. "That's one point extra. Take that away, and it's a tie game.'

Stephen Jackson

"Terrible,'' Jackson finally said, an hour after the game ended. "We stood around instead of being aggressive.

"We've got to understand that team beat three great teams (Miami, Orlando and Atlanta on this road trip). We didn't understand that could happen to us.

"I don't understand that.''

If you're a masochist and you feel the need to pour more salt on the open wound, listen to Deron Williams discuss last night's game and of course his winning shot

There some positives  that came out of this painful defeat.

  • DJ Augustin was solid with another double figure assist night (10) against only 2 turnovers

  • Nazr was huge with a 20/20 game. It's too bad Kevin Love lost his mind and went 30/30 a night earlier, otherwise this would have got more attention

  • The Bobcats held their own in this game even though they were without 2 significant rotation players Tyrus Thomas (death in the family) and Gerald Henderson (knee).

But we can't ignore the negatives.

  • Jax took 13 threes??? Really?

  • Boris Diaw  got 2 rebounds in 33 minutes. Not exactly what you're looking for out of your PF position

Up next, the Minnesota Timberwolves. Can the Bobcats get it done on Monday night?