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Charlotte Bobcats lose to the Wizards: This season's playoff hopes expressed in song

With last night's loss to the Wizards we're down by 2 games with 6 games remaining and we don't hold the tiebreaker. I think Luther Vandross said it best. It's over now.

This has been a painful season. We've suffered through the Larry Brown's apparent disinterest and his terrible start to the season. We've had to deal the emotional aspects of trading away the team's heart and soul for picks and cap space. We've dealt with injuries, early season questions about effort and the maddening habit of our starting power forward to pass up open shot after open shot.  After suffering through all of that this season, now that we're sitting at the 76 game mark with the team in the position that it is, I have to say that The thrill is gone.

For the next several months the Bobcats can focus their energy on making the roster moves necessary to make this a relevant playoff team next season. By relevant I mean not the borderline 7/8/9 seed that we've been for the last two seasons. If we are going to build towards being a playoff caliber squad then our aspirations need to be higher than sneaking in and getting bounced in round 1.

It's going to be a long off-season. Your thoughts?