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Game Thread: Charlotte Bobcats VS. Washington Wizards - March 12th

The Charlotte Bobcats (30-34) visit the Washington Wizards (33-30) in this Wednesday night match up. The Cats are 6-4 in their last 10 games, while the Wizards are 8-2. Both teams are in the playoff hunt so this is an important match up for both teams. The playoff push continues!

Game Notes: http://www.nba.com/g...tes/bobcats.pdf

Game Time: 7 PM ET
TV: FOX Sports South - Carolinas


    Every game is important for the rest of the season...this game will tell me a lot about how hungry the team is for the playoffs...they do not (necessarily) have to win this one since we play them two more games but they need to approach it like a playoff game.
    Polar Hornet
    Mar 11 2014 11:49 AM
    3.5 games behind Washington...... and we play them 3 times still? Me likey. I feel like hey would be easier to catch than BK. Whatever it takes to get out of the elimination seed 7/8 spot in the East.
    Mar 12 2014 10:45 AM
    I am in Maryland visiting family and I may go to this game. Go Bobcats
    With the 18 games left all but Portland and Houston could be winnable . Just a though but I could see going 12 and 6 over the next 18 . Most of those teams are in tank mode. .
    With that said Washington will be a tough win tonight . A lot depends on how well we match up against Wall and Beal for us . And how they match up against AL for them . This could go either way . But I have a feeling Clifford will have the guys ready.
    This kicks off 5 big games against Washington/Brooklyn over the last month of the season. I still feel like those 5 games are going to determine if Charlotte winds up in the 6 or 7 slot. Gotta make up ground on those teams, just treading water isn't going to do it.
    Game time.
    Would really be nice if we can get this one tonight...
    And WHY this is just now being reported? Just great....
    So Wall is gonna score 50 tonight...

    Rick Bonnell ‏@rick_bonnell 1m
    Bobcats say guard Gary Neal won't play tonight due to "an internal team matter." I have no clue what that means.

    I wonder what happened.
    What happened to our perimeter D?

    Is Gary Neal going all Ben Gordon on us?

    I wonder what happened.

    Sounds like a Jeff McInnis / Phil Ford situation to me.
    Luke Ridnour= absolutely worthless
    We would be up 6 or so if we hit half of these open three's holy hell.
    CDR playing very well tonight.
    Man... Wall is putting up a bunch of shots tonight

    What happened to our perimeter D?

    Is Gary Neal going all Ben Gordon on us?

    Rick Bonnell ‏@rick_bonnell 58m
    Neal on Bobcats' bench, interacting with teammates. If this were a big deal, doubt he'd be suited-up on the bench. But that's intuition.
    These 2 teams are very evenly matched. I'd be surprised if it doesn't stay close down to the buzzer.
    Cody needs to use that athleticism more often.
    Al Harrington and Dwight Gooden.

    I had no idea these guys were still in the league.

    Al Harrington and Dwight Gooden.

    I had no idea these guys were still in the league.

    Steve Martin is at it again?

    Steve Martin is at it again?

    my fault. my fault.

    BTW... I'm pretty sure I had Andre Miller, Gooden, and Harrington on a fantasy team about 10 years ago.
    Get the fuck outta here??? Seriously?? Bad call!
    Kemba really hit that shot, huh?