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Gilbert Arenas fears BrotherMouzone

There have been several articles written in the last few days about Gilbert Arenas supposedly cheating at Halo 3. Here are a few for you to look at: AOL Fanhouse, Truehoop, Give Me the Rock and Gilbertology.

What would make someone go through all of the trouble to use multiple accounts and staging multiple phony games just to boost their ranking? Its pretty simple actualy... Gilbert is doing everything within his power to avoid the inevitable beatdowns and repeated humiliation that he would have to live with if he ran into 'BrotherMouzone'. halo_victim.jpg

Brother is a one man wrecking machine... Hes a force of nature... And he cannot and will not be stopped. Gilbert does not want to suffer the same kind of horrible death that Brother put on the victim in the image above. Experiencing brutality such as this would make it hard for any man to look at himself in the mirror.

Keep cheating Gilbert... Don't let BrotherMouzone take your Halo 3 manhood.