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 Let's all get a grip. No one is going to be giving us the next KG for Gerald or Matt. A trade for a big is something that needs to be done but that doesn't mean we should take anything for some very valuable assets that we have. Eddy Curry is a guy who has infuriated the Knicks front office by reporting to camp well over 300 pounds after he was told to make sure he got in shape over the summer if he wanted to play in D'Antoni's system. He has had health and weight problems his entire career and does anyone really think that he can be transformed into a Larry Brown type of player? We already have one Sean May- we don't need two!

 As for the Sean Williams rumor, I like the trade  because it frees up cap space in a big way. Not that we are getting close to the cap but it's nice to have even more flexibility if you can. Matt is owed around $5 mil a year until 2013! That's a lot of loot to be spending on a guy who went undrafted out of college and is basically just a glorified shooter.

 Trenton Hassell is owed $4.35 mil this year and next year and Sean Williams is on his rookie contract and if it doesn't work out with him he could be off the books after next year as well. He fills our need for an athletic big and if nothing else he will provide us with some exciting dunks and blocks. I definitly don't think he is a long term solution because the guy's head is screwy and his game is so raw and unpolished. You never know though, it's a low risk- high reward move and if I'm MJ, I'm doing it.