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Raymond Felton, Gerald Wallace and Jason Richardson are sitting at a bar. The conversation is what the best part about being a Bobcat is.

RF: You know for me, the best part about being on this team is having a fellow Tar Heel (Sean May) on the team with me. It makes me feel like I belong. GW: Yeah, I couldn't agree more, ever since the team picked up fellow Alabama alum Jermario Davidson I've felt more comfortable too.
JR: Wait a second, that's not fair! I'm a better player than both of you. Why hasn't the front office gone out of it's way to make me more comfortable?! RF: I don't know. What do you think Gerald?
GW: I think it shows a lack of respect. Why don't you demand a trade?
JR: Good idea! I need to go somewhere where I feel wanted. Later that night Jason calls his agent.
JR: Yo agent, this is me Jason Richardson. Do you think you could find a trade for me that would land me with a team that has another Michigan State guy?
Why Jason? What's wrong?
Well, me and the guys were talking and they said that having a guy on the team that went to the same school they did made them feel like they really belonged and that I should be able to have that too.
A: I see. Jason, did it ever occur to you that instead of demanding a trade it might be easier for me to tell the front office that they better sign a guy from Michigan State?
That's a great idea. I wouldn't have thought of that.
A: I know! This team needs a third point guard and I think Mateen Cleaves is still unemployed.
NO! Not Mateen! He's so bad. That would almost be as bad as bringing in Sam Vincent to be an assistant.
A: All right, let me work on it. I'll see what I can do. A few hours later Jason gets a call from his agent.
Hi Jason, it's all worked out. I was able to convince the front office to sign Shannon Brown. Congratulations!
JR: Shannon who?
Shannon Brown. Haven't you heard of him? He went to MSU.
JR: Are you sure? I have never heard of any Shannon Brown who went to MSU.
A: Well he did. And I hope you appreciate what I was able to do for you.
JR: Yes, yes. Thank you very much. I do appreciate it. Be well.
A: You too Jason be well.