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NBA Trade Rumors: DeMarcus Cousins to Bobcats a Reality?

The Charlotte Bobcats continue to be in a bad way. They do hold the #4 overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft, however, and there has been more talk about a potential trade for Sacramento Kings big man DeMarcus Cousins.

The only question is, is the talk going to actually turn into a reality?

Cousins was rumored to be a target of the Bobcats back in December, so I think it's fair to say at this point that Charlotte would love for it to become a reality. Their biggest weakness on both sides of the court happens to be down low, and Cousins is a fluid, gifted athlete who can both score at will and defend - when he wants to.

Even with his propensity to be a bit of a headache, though, the Bobcats would love to reel him in, simply because the talented they have inside right now is extremely inconsistent in some cases, and just too raw in others. Byron Mullens is a jump shooter who has some upside, but he can't play a lick of defense, isn't tough inside, and is an inconsistent rebounder. Charlotte's center, Bismack Biyombo, is too offensively inept to count on for long stretches, and while he is a great shot-blocker and can play good defense at times, he also can get into foul trouble too easily.

Both of these guys are solid guys to build with, but it's clear they're not the guy to lean on to help make the Bobcats a playoff contender. Cousins could very well be that guy.

So, two things: first, what would the Bobcats have to give up for this to actually happen, and could it actually happen?

Well, the Kings are in pretty bad shape themselves and hold the #7 overall draft pick in this year's draft, but if Charlotte were to dangle their #4 overall pick and, say Byron Mullens and another player (ideally an expiring contract), the Kings could change their tune.

Their tune, however, is the bad part.

While there were murmurs out of Fox Sports Ohio's Sam Amico that a trade could be a possibility, the Sacramento Bee has already nipped it in the bud. The Kings' beat writers are probably the more trust-worthy source at this point, but who knows?

All we know for sure is that head coach Keith Smart is almost surely a goner, and the team is reportedly smitten with Golden State Warriors head coach Mike Malone. Amico felt that the addition of Malone would mean Cousins would for sure be "a goner", but it's tough to buy that, as Cousins is Sactowns' top draw and best overall talent.

The other interesting aspect is that while the Kings have been heavily tied to Malone as their next head coach, they still don't even have a GM. In other words, just about any rumor involving their coaching staff and player doesn't mean jack until some actual hirings take place.

This is a dream deal for the Bobcats, but unless the Kings are worried Cousins doesn't want to stick around, they're probably not too inclined to swing a deal anytime soon. Charlotte fans can hope, though, right?


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