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Wrapping my brain around the Richardson/Dudley for Diaw/Bell trade


Its not every day that you trade away your teams top scorer along with one of your "glue" guys.  At first glance this deal leaves a bad taste in your mouth if you're a Bobcats fan, J-Rich and Dudley were both good guys and fan favorites. Lets look at this deal a little closer though, A fes things that this team desperately needed was  toughness, defense and someone who could guard quick, agile power forwards.

Lets look at the toughness and defense issue first. Raja Bell has long been known as a lockdown defender. J-Rich can give you 20ppg in his sleep and his 3 point shot was as beautiful as Beyonce in a thong bikini but  when its time to lock somebody down, Raja has him beat by a mile defensively. And as far as toughness, anyone who is willing to clothesline Kobe Bryant... in a playoff game no less definitely has a set of these.

As far as someone to guard the athletic power forwards, Boris Diaw is the guy. He has the reputation of being able to guard anyone regardless of position, and he is going to get the chance to prove it here with the Bobcats.

Its early and we're still digesting this deal. What are yout thoughts? was it a good move or a bad move?