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Rumors: Boris Diaw out - Devin Harris in

Sep 24 2010 09:11 AM | ziggy in Uncategorized

Look at all of these rumors surrounding me every day... But it's not everyday that you hear one that is as juicy ( and ridiculously lopsided in favor of the Bobcats ) as this one. ESPN The Denver Nuggets are having serious discussions about a f...

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Will the Bobcats steal away some of the Carolin...

Sep 20 2010 02:59 AM | ziggy in Uncategorized

I'll start this out by saying that in addition to being a huge Charlotte Bobcats fan ( as if there were any doubt about that ) I am also a big Carolina Panthers fan. Every Panthers game that I watch, I'm pulling for them just as hard as every other fan...

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Happy Rest Period, Charlotte Bobcats!

Apr 13 2010 02:55 PM | Andrew Barraclough in Uncategorized

The Bench, THE BENCH, scored 50 something last night and Gerald Henderson (remember him?  the rookie from Duke?) had some NASTY to the third power dunks.  I commented on twitter (can we not call it a "tweet") that there has never been a line up that wa...

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Michael's Minute #2

Jan 04 2010 12:31 PM | TeeJ in Uncategorized

Sorry for taking so long to get him back up here. Here goes. BCP: According to Matt Rochinski, Brevin Knight's internship ends on the 31st. Will he be sticking around on the radio past then? MT: At the time Matt Rochinski wrote that, the plan was...

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Coming Soon - BobcatsPlanet 4.0

Apr 10 2009 07:53 AM | ziggy in Uncategorized

Those of you that know me well or that have followed BobcatsPlanet since the early days know that I like to tinker with things. In some aspects that characteristic can be looked at from a positive perspective. For example, I am always looking for a way...

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Wednesday Morning Linkage / I am a lazy blogger

Feb 04 2009 07:48 AM | ziggy in Uncategorized

Episode 2 of BobcatsPlanet Radio is LIVE.  Rufus on Fire discusses the Bobcats' Bench of Washouts.LayupDrill.com mentions Raymond Felton as a possible trade target to replace the injured Jameer Nelson.Gerald Wallace will be traveling back to Charlotte...

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How can we resolve the Bobcats TV problems?

Nov 04 2008 06:04 AM | Guest in Uncategorized

In Rick "BoneCrusher" Bonnell's blog today he writes:I got an e-mail from the Fox people, saying Bobcats games now are available in about 1.6 million television households in the Carolinas. There are still a lot of gaps in that network, because some c...

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Charlotte Bobcats Linkage 9/17

Sep 17 2008 07:09 PM | Guest in Uncategorized

Bobcats.com has really stepped up their game over the last few weeks. They've provided several quality videos of the Bobcats working out over the last several weeks. Jason Richardson offseason workout video Adam Morrison offseason workout video...

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3rd String Point Guard options

Sep 07 2008 12:09 PM | Guest in Uncategorized

In his last post Ziggy said that there is NOTHING going on with the Bobcats. I beg to differ. I'm sure the big question on everyone's mind is "Who's the 3rd point guard going to be?" So, I've composed my list of candidates in no particular order: #1-...

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Things that entertain me

Sep 06 2008 05:31 PM | Guest in Uncategorized

Because there is absolutely nothing going on in the Charlotte Bobcats universe at this time, I'd like to take a few minutes out of our (somewhat) regularly scheduled programming to present to you. Things that Entertain me For some reason there is nothi...

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Who is Shannon Brown?

Aug 06 2008 05:33 PM | Guest in Uncategorized

Today the Charlotte Bobcats signed Shannon Brown to a minimum dealfor the upcoming 2008 - 2009 season.Lets see if the power of Youtube can answer the question of "Who is Shannon Brown"? We learned that he is athletic and could get up and down the cour...

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Inaugural Post

Jul 17 2008 10:17 AM | Guest in Uncategorized

Rather then forcing my first post on this site, I decided to wait until I actually formed an opinion on my own on the direction the Bobcats are heading this upcoming season. I was added to the staff a few days ago, but now feels like a good time to ge...

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Charlotte Bobcats commercial bloopers

Mar 24 2008 05:29 AM | Guest in Uncategorized

This is clearly a case where the bloopers are more entertaining than the commercials. Enjoy! Charlotte Bobcats commercial bloopers.  

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The Bobcats Motto

Mar 23 2008 03:00 PM | Guest in Uncategorized

I discovered a guy on Myspace today who has made a song about our Charlotte Bobcats. It is called the Bobcats Motto. I thought it was pretty good. I contacted the artist and asked for the MP3 for personal use and he sent it to me in an email. He goes...

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Saturday Morning Linkage

Mar 22 2008 03:33 AM | Guest in Uncategorized

This was not Jared Dudley's proudest moment. Shawne Williams sure dug it though. Stephen Curry's stock is up after looking like his dad and lighting Gonzaga up for 40 points last night with Adam Morrison in attendance. Where Sam...

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Round 1...Fight!

Mar 21 2008 08:40 AM | Guest in Uncategorized

  Its 10:46 on Thursday, March 20, which means round 1 of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament is about to begin in an hour and a half, and I’m sitting at my desk…at work…feverishly filling out brackets like its Apr...

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BobcatsPlanet 2008 March Madness Pick'em

Mar 16 2008 04:27 PM | Guest in Uncategorized

Are you the king or even the queen (we didn't want to leave you out Kareem Rush) of bracketology? If so join the 2008 BobcatsPlanet March Madness Pick'em. If you win you will gain fame and the admiration of your peers, If you lose you will be subject...

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