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Blogcat's Take, 7/25

Jul 25 2015 09:50 AM | Blogcat in Uncategorized

My lord, the Hornets really know how to push my buttons. They removed the least enjoyable player to watch in the entire league (Bismack Biyombo), only to replace him with the second least enjoyable player, Tyler Hansbrough. Thanks, Hornets. This is how...

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Blogcat's Take 12/14

Dec 14 2013 04:15 PM | Blogcat in Uncategorized

Blogcat’s Take, 12/14 I was going to devote this column to Al Jefferson, but first I have to devote homage—and perhaps a kidney if ever needs it—to Kemba Walker for his spectacular performance Monday night against the Golden State Warriors. So far t...

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Blogcat’s Season Preview, Part 3: The Guards

Oct 26 2013 11:15 PM | Blogcat in Uncategorized

This is it: the third and final chapter of my 2013-14 preview trilogy. And I vow that this one won’t be remembered as the Return of the Jedi or even as the Jaws 3-D of the group. That’s because, if nothing else—and I’m pretty sure there isn’t anything...

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Tyrus Thomas Now Exists in Fans’ Cubicle Calend...

Mar 05 2013 06:07 PM | Blogcat in Uncategorized

According to Rick Bonnell, Tyrus Thomas didn’t even join the team on the latest West Coast road trip. I find this stunning, considering that coach Dunlap has shown he’ll still play guys who are willfully insubordinate (Ben Gordon) or who are willfully...

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Blogcat’s Melancholic Season Preview, Part 1: T...

Oct 20 2012 01:00 AM | Blogcat in Uncategorized

Many of you have probably been asking yourselves, “What has Blogcat been doing all summer?”  Many more of you have probably not been asking yourselves that.  Or if you were, you were probably hoping the answer was, “Getting impregnated by a hideous ali...

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Charlotte Bobcats: Question & Answer Sessio...

Aug 09 2012 09:00 PM | @JPlowright_NBA in Uncategorized

Some of you may have read part 1 of mine and Christian "Bodin" Norway's Q & A session earlier in the week. However, the response was great the only way we could answer all the question in the detail they deserve was to split the article in two, so here...

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The Charlotte Bobcats Next Head Coach

May 21 2012 12:08 PM | BigCatBobcat in Uncategorized

With apologies to former Boston Celtics coach, Rick Pitino:  "Bernie Bickerstaff is not coming through that door!  Larry Brown is not going to be walking through that door!  And Sam Vincent isn't walking through that door!"  Sam can't walk throug...

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Jeremy Lin! Lin-Sanity!

Feb 16 2012 04:09 PM | Blogcat in Uncategorized

I don’t actually have anything to say about Jeremy Lin; I’m just trying to drive traffic to our website.   In fact, as an NYC resident, I mostly can’t even watch Lin play, due to James Dolan’s dispute with Time Warner.[2]  I’ve written about this at le...

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This guy needs LOVE

Feb 09 2012 05:55 PM | @JPlowright_NBA in Uncategorized

Hello Bobcats fans! I know I haven’t written for a long time, no it is nothing to do with me feeling too Depressed during this emphatic losing streak. I have had University exams for the last month which have been long and hard, a bit like the bobcats...

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It's official. The Charlotte Bobcats have the 9...

May 17 2011 05:02 PM | ziggy in Uncategorized

The Angel of Stern has determined that the Cleveland Cavaliers are the winners of the #1 overall draft pick this season. Kyrie Irving who was on hand during the lottery proceedings looked like he was on the verge of a severe crying  jag as a result of...

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Please Oh Please... Someone explain the meaning...

Feb 22 2011 07:56 AM | ziggy in Uncategorized

The video is at CharlotteBobcats.com ( this is not the official site ) Be forewarned that you will never EVER get these 10 minutes of your life back. I'm anxiously awaiting your comments. Scarred-For-Life-After-Watching-This-Video--Ziggy

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Bobcats Beat the Wizards

Jan 09 2011 04:49 PM | BigCatBobcat in Uncategorized

You can't go back to calling them the Bullets, even though it was a cool nickname.  There's even a blog called Bullets Forever but you just can't name a team the Bullets in a city like Washington when you've had the situation like ol' Wacky Agent Zero...

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A Special BCP Christmas Podast

Dec 24 2010 10:04 AM | ziggy in Uncategorized

With a big thanks to our friends at the AmpSportsDuo! * * Listen * * Merry Christmas Everyone!

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A Little Linkage

Nov 02 2010 02:04 AM | BigCatBobcat in Uncategorized

The Bobcats have a nice relaxing rest from their game Saturday night in Milwaukee to Wednesday night against New Jersey.  They probably need it, well some of them do.  I know I do, that's why I leave it up to the pros with this week's Link list! Bob...

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Do you like getting Charlotte Bobcats tickets f...

Oct 21 2010 03:29 PM | ziggy in Uncategorized

Do you like FREE things? You do? So let me get this straight. You like free things, you're a Bobcats fan AND you haven't hit up T-Bro yet for his FREE 2nd row seat by the visitor's tunnel for Friday night's game versus the Hawks? Seats so good...

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Stuffing the Ballot Box

Oct 13 2010 05:33 AM | ziggy in Uncategorized

BobcatsBreak.com ( the official blog of The Charlotte Bobcats ) is having a contest to select a fan blogger for the upcoming 2010-2011 season. In their final 10 candidates, we have 5 BobcatsPlanet members: Wayne Nock James Plowright Ben Swa...

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Bobcats Baseline breaks down Charlotte Bobcats...

Sep 29 2010 02:13 AM | ziggy in Uncategorized

Our friends over at Bobcats Baseline have a nice breakdown of the photos from Charlotte Bobcats media day. Dr. E's comments on Javaris Crittendon Javaris Crittendon:  If I was Jeff Siner, I would have printed out a couple of different pictures for...

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Rumors: Boris Diaw out - Devin Harris in

Sep 24 2010 09:11 AM | ziggy in Uncategorized

Look at all of these rumors surrounding me every day... But it's not everyday that you hear one that is as juicy ( and ridiculously lopsided in favor of the Bobcats ) as this one. ESPN The Denver Nuggets are having serious discussions about a f...

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Will the Bobcats steal away some of the Carolin...

Sep 20 2010 02:59 AM | ziggy in Uncategorized

I'll start this out by saying that in addition to being a huge Charlotte Bobcats fan ( as if there were any doubt about that ) I am also a big Carolina Panthers fan. Every Panthers game that I watch, I'm pulling for them just as hard as every other fan...

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Happy Rest Period, Charlotte Bobcats!

Apr 13 2010 02:55 PM | BigCatBobcat in Uncategorized

The Bench, THE BENCH, scored 50 something last night and Gerald Henderson (remember him?  the rookie from Duke?) had some NASTY to the third power dunks.  I commented on twitter (can we not call it a "tweet") that there has never been a line up that wa...

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Michael's Minute #2

Jan 04 2010 12:31 PM | TeeJ in Uncategorized

Sorry for taking so long to get him back up here. Here goes. BCP: According to Matt Rochinski, Brevin Knight's internship ends on the 31st. Will he be sticking around on the radio past then? MT: At the time Matt Rochinski wrote that, the plan was...

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Coming Soon - BobcatsPlanet 4.0

Apr 10 2009 07:53 AM | ziggy in Uncategorized

Those of you that know me well or that have followed BobcatsPlanet since the early days know that I like to tinker with things. In some aspects that characteristic can be looked at from a positive perspective. For example, I am always looking for a way...

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Wednesday Morning Linkage / I am a lazy blogger

Feb 04 2009 07:48 AM | ziggy in Uncategorized

Episode 2 of BobcatsPlanet Radio is LIVE.  Rufus on Fire discusses the Bobcats' Bench of Washouts.LayupDrill.com mentions Raymond Felton as a possible trade target to replace the injured Jameer Nelson.Gerald Wallace will be traveling back to Charlotte...

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How can we resolve the Bobcats TV problems?

Nov 04 2008 06:04 AM | Guest in Uncategorized

In Rick "BoneCrusher" Bonnell's blog today he writes:I got an e-mail from the Fox people, saying Bobcats games now are available in about 1.6 million television households in the Carolinas. There are still a lot of gaps in that network, because some c...

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Charlotte Bobcats Linkage 9/17

Sep 17 2008 07:09 PM | Guest in Uncategorized

Bobcats.com has really stepped up their game over the last few weeks. They've provided several quality videos of the Bobcats working out over the last several weeks. Jason Richardson offseason workout video Adam Morrison offseason workout video...

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