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A Little Linkage

The Bobcats have a nice relaxing rest from their game Saturday night in Milwaukee to Wednesday night against New Jersey.  They probably need it, well some of them do.  I know I do, that's why I leave it up to the pros with this week's Link list!

Bob Finnan's three points and NBA rumor mill - Never heard of this dude before but he's got a column with some interesting points.  Ryan Hollins is sort of good, we all loved him but couldn't wait on the development.  Also he rehashes a quote that MJ would like to extend LB's contract...we'll have to discuss this some in our meeting this week.

Tim Povtak of Fanhouse -  Speaking of old guys wanting to stick around, Nazr Mohammed expects to end his career in Charlotte.  In the final year of his contract, again, something MJ and I have to discuss this week at our meeting.  Largest item of note:  Naz admits this could be his final year.

Brandan Wright - The San Francisco Gate reports that the Warriors will not offer Brandan Wright an extension.  Interesting that the Bobcats have become the landing point for failed Carolina products...

Explain to me how thisis a column?  He gets paid, and has for years, for putting together disjointed, abstract thoughts that have little to do with the game and product on the field or court...must be nice.

Hoopsworld's Bill Ingram splits time between Mike Conley and the Bobcats this week.

What in the world?  I just pulled a link off of the Tehran Times.  "Not good enough to make a big difference, but not bad enough to land a superstar talent is a death by a thousands paper cuts for small market franchises."  Is that a threat?

Usually I tend to avoid things from the Bleacher Report, but Brandon Becker has some nice points here. His point is basically the same as my dear friend Jack Donaghy would say, you must go deeper into the crevasse.  he does what most Bleacher Reports do and have a typo/mistake, when he calls the GM Ron Higgins, but whatever.

This is pretty funny.  The Raptors ran it up against the Cavs in the battle of who's hurt more by their superstar leaving.  I love every type of promotion where fans get something, food usually if the team or a player does something.  I think fans were getting tacos if the Bobcats went over 90 or something ridiculously low by leagues standards last year.  My favorite was a minor league game at Myrtle Beach with a few friends where they'd give Arby's sandwiches if a certain player got a hit.  I swear the opposing pitcher intentionally walked him in the 8th...we flipped.  I don't know maybe not, it was also dollar beer night.

Optimism abounds in this blurb from Basketball Prospectus.  Rehash of the Observer's article.

I think that ranges from "We're good" to "Blow up the arena and start over."  Wait, no I was wrong, some writer in Iran wants to torture the 'Cats right out of the league.  Still not sure what to make of it, we'll see if I figure something out or if Larry, MJ and Ron or whoever the hell makes a trade between now and the Wednesday game at New Jersey.