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Bobcats Beat the Wizards

You can't go back to calling them the Bullets, even though it was a cool nickname.  There's even a blog called Bullets Forever but you just can't name a team the Bullets in a city like Washington when you've had the situation like ol' Wacky Agent Zero Doo Doo in Your Shoe Arenas had.  Sorry, you have to stick with the Wizards.  Hell, you had Michael Jordan play as a Wizard, not a Bullet.  So, what comes to mind when you think Wizards?

Well, hate to tell you but you just got beat...again.  On the road no less?  I don't wanna rub it in or gloat but the Washington Wizards have not won a game on the road at all this year.  They have this roster that just sort of baffles me, like a 13 year old kid on NBA 2k whatever and he just trades and trades and trades and has these ok draft picks and somehow it doesn't work for them.  John Wall has been injured, Agent Poo Poo Shoe wasn't what he was, he got traded, the took on the horrible contract of one Rashard Lewis.  It just seems like a horrible storm of shoes filled with poo.  Flip Saunders is their coach, he's had some success, he is trying really hard, even showing this video:

To which semi-genius JaVale McGee said: "He showed a video -- like a National Geographic video of a herd of buffalo together.  I guess there was a message that we need to stay together."

On to the game, the reason you came here.  Coach Silas said postgame "We had to grind it out."  Grinding it out into a 104-89 win?  I'll take it.  To Larry Brown "grind it out" was 64-72...in the other guy's favor!  I just love the energy, the looseness,  DJ cracking on guys after practice, that's right, AFTER practice.  Dudes were hanging out because they are enjoying playing together and under the coach!

50% from behind the arc, 84% from the line, a good many attempts...grind it out indeed.  I'm very impressed (obviously) and look forward to seeing what this team can do against some of the best in the East this week.  Chicago and Boston...huge games.  At this point, around the 2/5th point in the season, .382 win percent, half a game out of 8th in the league, the Bobcats MUST beat some of the elite teams.  Moral victories be damned...gotta get W's on the sheet.

Before I close, big, big game out of Gerald Henderson.  We had discussed the need to see something out of him and/or Derrick Brown, he showed it against Washington.  40 minutes of playing time, solid defense on Nick Young holding him to 7 points and 2 rebounds (Young had gone off for 21 in the previous meeting).  A career high (so far) night for the young man out of Duke.  If he can have 3 more games like that this year...big things.

Gerald Wallace should return from his ankle injury at some point this week after running a bit today.  Nazr Mohammed should return late this week, early next week.  It's a good time to be a Bobcats fan.


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