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It's official. The Charlotte Bobcats have the 9th pick.

The Angel of Stern has determined that the Cleveland Cavaliers are the winners of the #1 overall draft pick this season. Kyrie Irving who was on hand during the lottery proceedings looked like he was on the verge of a severe crying  jag as a result of the outcome. I would suggest that those closest to him to hide all sharp kitchen utensils and to lock up any medications stronger than baby aspirin. Of course if by some strange reason the Cavs pass on Kyrie then he will be sitting right there available for the T-Wolves at #2... Lord knows they have no reservations against drafting yet another point guard.

The Bobcats did not receive Stern's blessing, so they will be sitting at #9 in this year's draft. The Cats will likely be looking at a pool of players like Bismack Biyombo, Alec Burks, the Morris twins among others.

We are going to discuss potential draft picks until we are blue in the face right here. But what are your initial thoughts on who the Bobcats should take with the 9th pick?