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This guy needs LOVE

Hello Bobcats fans! I know I haven’t written for a long time, no it is nothing to do with me feeling too Depressed during this emphatic losing streak. I have had University exams for the last month which have been long and hard, a bit like the bobcats season.
I believe Reggie Williams deserves some LOVE right now from me, you and all the Bobcats fans. In a stretch where we have very few bright spots this guy has given me a reason to watch the games. However, I think he has been underappreciated by the BCP faithful, yeah I said it! Reggie Williams was undrafted in 2008 but was picked up by the warriors in 2010 as they looked for some offensive punch off their bench. Reggie delivered this, and much more. Reggie quickly became known for his 3 point shooting (44% last season); this is why the bobcats picked him up. Improvement in 3 point shooters was one of Silas’s top requests for the offseason, after missing out on Mike Dunleavy the Bobcats landed Reggie for a staggering 2.5 million over 2 years. Now in the NBA there are not many instances of pure value for money, but I believe this to be pretty close!
Unfortunately, Reggie has been out with the injury that seems to plague this team. As Ziggy’s caption says, “the Charlotte Bobcats: Where torn meniscuses happen”. This injury seems ever more prevalent in the NBA today, it is for this reason that I believe we should speak of torn meniscuses like harry Potter speaks of Voldermort in an effort to keep these injuries away. From now on it will be called “the you know what” instead of torn meniscus. But anyway, back to the point.

After playing 13 minutes in his first game back, and 16 after that he had ups and downs. In thePortlandgame he went 1-8, and people thought that his shot might takes some time to drop considering he has not played a competitive match since last season. However, With Hendo out, Reggie was given the start a head of Matt Carroll thankfully! Nothing against Matt, he is a great Pro and seems to be a great guy but he really doesn’t belong on an NBA roster in my view. He is very turnover prone and misses his shots even when he is. Also I have never seen a “sharpshooter” cause so many offensive fouls! One thing that interests me is how quickly Reggie has come back in and been playing so well, so quickly. I remember it took TT a long time to come back, and when he did it took sometimes for him to get back into it. I am sure it is different for different players, but the attitude Reggie has shown to come back and contribute is impressive.
Reggie has thrived in the starting line up so far, averaging 21 pts 5 rebounds and 5.5 assists. This is only taken from two games, but shows his versatility as a scorer and a creator. We signed Reggie to hit a 3 from the corner; however I think he is going to have more than an impact than that, especially for now. With Corey, Hendo and DJ out we are struggling to create and score. Reggie has been given the reigns by Silas to do what he feels he wants to out there on the court. This is a risky move by the coach, but Reggie says he loves it and I think it is being successful right now to some extent. No, we are not winning but the last two games with Reggie starting we have been largely competitive where as before we were out the game after the first quarter. I don’t expect Reggie to keep averaging 38 minutes a game once the rest of our team come back, but I do know that he will be doing more than just standing next to the 3 point line. Looking back on it I am happy we missed out on Dunleavy as we got a younger, more versatile and cheaper player. Sorry for my shameful Harry Potter plug before but I’m English, give me a break. But anyway, lets put our differences aside and give Reggie some LOVE.
What’s Silas got in the locker?
So Kemba has been selected for the rising stars game on all star weekend. However, it is in a different format this year with Shaq and Barkley picking the teams by drafting them from a mixed pool of rookies and sophomore’s game. I am not going to list all the players but where do you thinking Kemba will get picked?

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I hope you enjoyed the read, see you in the forum and Tally Ho!

James Plowright,Manchester,England.