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Amour217's Photoshop of the Week: Draft Edition

Jun 23 2009 11:13 AM | amour217 in Featured

The NBA Draft is upon us! Choose wisely!

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Tuesday Morning Predraft Linkage 6/23

Jun 23 2009 08:36 AM | ziggy in Featured

We're down to a handful of people that the Charlotte Bobcats are considering for their #12 pick. Most of the attention seems to be on Terrence Williams and Gerald Henderson, but lets throw Dejuan Blair in the mix also as a dark horse. Based on comments...

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The NBA Playoffs: Where Lebron James ripping th...

May 23 2009 05:28 AM | ziggy in Featured

Anyone that didn't get goosebumps when they watched this last night should have their NBA fan card immediately revoked. This was truly Amazing.

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Dwight Howard suspended for game 6, but lands o...

Apr 30 2009 08:37 AM | ziggy in Featured

Dwight Howard's wicked elbow shot to the temple of Philadelphia center Samuel Dalembert has landed him a suspension in game 6 tonight against the Sixers, but much more importantly it has landed him in our list of the top 7 elbows of all time. #7 Dwi...

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Welcome to the "Post-Season"

Apr 24 2009 07:08 PM | Andrew Barraclough in Featured

Post-season just means after the season, doesn't mean anything about playoffs so I'm just saying, I'm not upset the Bobcats didn't make it, that's all I'm saying ok? I've been a little defensive as a fan lately.  I mentioned paying off my season tic...

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Why Iverson isn't a dirty word

Apr 24 2009 06:59 PM | TeeJ in Featured

Jay Mariotti laughed. Tim Cowlishaw cringed. Rick Bonnell, spectre, Keetch, Swedd523, dnbman, and many other BCP members were terrified by it. Fred Whitfield denied any knowledge of it. What is it that I speak of, you ask? That would be that outspoken,...

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Former Bobcats coach Sam Vincent dumped by the...

Apr 19 2009 09:56 AM | ziggy in Featured

Apparently the all-encompasing suck that is more commonly known as "Sam Vincent's coaching ability" has managed to get hem canned from his latest gig as head coach of the Anaheim Arsenal of the NBDL. According to Ridiculous Upside, Paul Mokeski  (an...

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Charlotte Bobcats / New Jersey Nets linkage

Apr 14 2009 09:24 AM | ziggy in Featured

Last night on the road against the New Jersey Nets, the Bobcats lost their 3rd straight and 4th out of their last 5 games.  It was an intersting game for a couple of reasons: Brook Lopez lost his mind and almost put up a 20/20 game and  Larry Brown gav...

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Episode 8 of BobcatsPlanet Radio

Apr 14 2009 07:35 AM | ziggy in Featured

Another fantastic episode of BCP Radio is available for everyone to listen to. Download hereor subscribe via podcast RSS

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Youtube is good: The DJ Augustin edition

Apr 10 2009 07:44 AM | ziggy in Featured

I ran across this video today on Youtube and thought that you guys might like it. The music is NSFW because of language ( it could be NSFW because of lack of music quality. In my opinion 97% of hip-hop has been crap since the mid-90's... But that's a r...

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We're Done

Apr 05 2009 09:32 PM | ziggy in Featured

We're done. Stick a fork in us. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have the basketball gods prove me wrong and have the Bobcats win their final 5 games while either the Pistons or the Bulls lose their final 5 games, but lets be realists here... Tha...

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Episode 7 of BobcatsPlanet Radio

Apr 05 2009 06:59 AM | ziggy in Featured

Episode 7 of BobcatsPlanet Radio is available for download Right Here download, listen and enjoy!

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Celtics defeat Bobcats in double OT: Dick Bavet...

Apr 02 2009 06:21 PM | ziggy in Featured

I present to you the most valuable player of Wednesday night's Boston Celtics / Charlotte Bobcats game. Don't be fooled by his scrawny size and crypt-keeper-like appearance, Dick Bavetta was the most dangerous man on the court. In an episode of gargant...

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I hate Ray Allen

Apr 01 2009 09:34 PM | ziggy in Featured

I HATE Ray Allen Come on Ray, why can't you just miss one? Just one man! You gotta be kidding me! I mean, last year: Then in the second overtime Last Night: Daggers. It hurts to watch again. No KG and the Bobcats still couldn't pull i...

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Yao Ming channels Reggie Miller

Mar 14 2009 06:09 AM | ziggy in Featured

It was a tight game Friday night, Despite Raymond Felton, Raja Bell and Emeka Okafor going a combined 15-48 from the field, the Bobcats were still in this game with a chance to win it  down to the very end. We had a shot, but deep down in your heart...

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Beard Fancy

Mar 03 2009 07:25 PM | ziggy in Featured

To understand the image below, you'll need to listen to Episode 4 of BobcatsPlanet Radio Have Fun!!

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Charlotte Bobcats. Contender?

Mar 02 2009 09:10 PM | ziggy in Featured

Charlotte Bobcats: Contender? It seems like the world is turned upside down.  Detroit is falling behind in the East, Phoenix is on the outside looking in right now, Dwayne Wade is the leading scorer and playing though injuries, Allen Iverson made Detr...

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Bobcats defeat Warriors, playoff hopes still alive

Feb 28 2009 06:24 AM | ziggy in Featured

This was way, WAY more difficult than it should have been. We had all types of things go wrong this game that could have sunk us. We had missed free throws, ill-advised shots, turnovers, and rookie play from a rookie  that doesn't normally play like a...

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Bobcats at Suns - BigCat's take

Feb 24 2009 09:15 PM | ziggy in Featured

Bobcats travel to Phoenix     This biggest of the Bobcats 3 major trades this season was a 3 for 3 swap with the Phoenix Suns.  Former coach Terry Porter wasn't using Boris Diaw or Raja Bell the way they once were and the players and teams seemed prime...

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20-10 over the final 30 games. Can it Happen?

Feb 18 2009 05:24 PM | ziggy in Featured

In order to reach the 8th and final playoff spot, I believe that the Charlotte Bobcats will need to go 20-10 over the final 30 games following the All-Star game (20-9 since we have 1 loss on the books with the game that we gave away versus the Orlando...

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