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Youtube is good: The DJ Augustin edition

Apr 10 2009 07:44 AM | ziggy in Featured

I ran across this video today on Youtube and thought that you guys might like it. The music is NSFW because of language ( it could be NSFW because of lack of music quality. In my opinion 97% of hip-hop has been crap since the mid-90's... But that's a r...

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Yao Ming channels Reggie Miller

Mar 14 2009 06:09 AM | ziggy in Featured

It was a tight game Friday night, Despite Raymond Felton, Raja Bell and Emeka Okafor going a combined 15-48 from the field, the Bobcats were still in this game with a chance to win it  down to the very end. We had a shot, but deep down in your heart...

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With the 54th pick...

Jun 25 2009 10:53 PM | TeeJ in Featured

The Charlotte Bobcats select Robert Vaden, a G from UAB. He's billed as a shooter who's also a terrific athlete. He started at Indiana before transferring to UAB, and majored in Philosophy. He's also a leader on court and when he catches fire, can't...

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Will Ben Gordon Have a Fantasy Impact in Charlo...

Oct 12 2012 01:35 AM | Kevin in Featured

Wondering whether or not veteran combo guard Ben Gordon can help the Charlotte Bobcats turn their fortunes around is anyone's guess. It's also probably a waste of time. The dude's a pure scorer. He's lights out from long range, can take most defende...

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Why this is the best Bobcats team yet

Oct 19 2009 04:30 PM | ziggy in Featured

In our  forums Proudiddy breaks down his reasons for why this is the best Bobcats team yet. Take a look. This is our best team yet, simple as that. That being said, I'd like to point out why, with our strengths. *Felton and Augustin have to be among...

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Why Iverson isn't a dirty word

Apr 24 2009 06:59 PM | TeeJ in Featured

Jay Mariotti laughed. Tim Cowlishaw cringed. Rick Bonnell, spectre, Keetch, Swedd523, dnbman, and many other BCP members were terrified by it. Fred Whitfield denied any knowledge of it. What is it that I speak of, you ask? That would be that outspoken,...

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Where do the Hornets go From Here?

Jan 28 2018 11:06 PM | GeraldWallaceMVP in Featured

Just two seasons ago the Charlotte Hornets went on a wild tear through the second half of the season to wind up tied for third place in the east.

The team was led by the rise of Kemba Walker and a revitalized Nic Batum, the future looked bright for the first time in awhile in Charlotte.

Today the Hornets sit at twelfth in the east at 20-28, with the trade deadline looming and the possibility of another disappointing season.

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What's that smell?: Bobcats lose to Clippers (9...

Feb 23 2010 09:16 AM | BRNC in Featured

The strong showing (1-3 after the All-Star break) continued for the Bobcats as they drop their second game in a row, this one to LAC, (98-94). The team seems to be going in reverse after the All-Star break. Gerald Wallace had another strong double-do...

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What is YOUR dream off season?

May 08 2014 09:53 AM | ziggy in Featured

Please proceed to put on your teal colored glasses. Got them on? OK! Now give me your dream scenario for this off season. Here is mine. Detroit gets jumped in the lottery and we get their pick. At number 9 Marcus smart or Aaron Gordon slides and we...

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What Does Return of Byron Mullens Mean For Bobc...

Feb 05 2013 02:18 PM | Kevin in Featured

The Charlotte Bobcats just got some size back. Big man Byron Mullens returned to the court on Monday night, and right away did his part to make the Bobcats competitive, as he chipped in 12 points and nine rebounds in a narrow loss to the defending cham...

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What are the best places in town to watch a Cha...

Oct 21 2014 06:50 PM | BIIIIIG AL in Featured

This post by HornetsPlanet member Biiiig Al, led me to think, What is the best place in town to watch the game? Outside of being at the arena, or at home watching it on your couch, where do you recommend watching the game? There are tons of sports bar...

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Welcome to the Bobcats Erick Dampier... Don't G...

Jul 13 2010 02:40 PM | ziggy in Featured

Welcome to Charlotte Erick, A few words of advice... Rent don't Buy. With a contract that calls for you to be paid $13 million unguaranteed, there is about a 99.999999999% chance that you are going to be traded or possibly even waived sometime betwe...

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Welcome to the "Post-Season"

Apr 24 2009 07:08 PM | Andrew Barraclough in Featured

Post-season just means after the season, doesn't mean anything about playoffs so I'm just saying, I'm not upset the Bobcats didn't make it, that's all I'm saying ok? I've been a little defensive as a fan lately.  I mentioned paying off my season tic...

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Welcome To My Nightmare

Dec 26 2011 05:53 AM | Blogcat in Featured

This entry comes to you SOS-style from the living room/torture chamber of my in-laws’ house.  Let me paint the gruesome picture for you: I’ve been visiting/trapped here for four days, there’s only one TV, and I’m the only sports fan in the place.  So i...

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Welcome to Free Agency

Jun 30 2009 10:04 PM | Andrew Barraclough in Featured

Name some of the biggest names to play in the NBA since Jordan retired.  From playing I mean.  We here in Charlotte know he still works, and how.  Kobe, Lebron, Duncan, AI, Steve Nash, KG, Dirk...who would you want on the Bobcats?  Nah, I'm good.  Well...

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Welcome to 24 hours of NetsPlanet!!!

Dec 04 2009 07:37 PM | ziggy in Featured

Apparently there was some loudmouth (ummm that would be me) on BobcatsPlanet that proclaimed that if the sorry assed Nets beat the Bobcats tonight then they would turn BobcatsPlanet into NetsPlanet for 24 hours. Well.... heh heh heh what do you know, T...

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We're Done

Apr 05 2009 09:32 PM | ziggy in Featured

We're done. Stick a fork in us. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have the basketball gods prove me wrong and have the Bobcats win their final 5 games while either the Pistons or the Bulls lose their final 5 games, but lets be realists here... Tha...

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Walker, Reckless Banger

Jan 07 2013 03:16 PM | Blogcat in Featured

What a wonderful weekend it was for yours truly. First, on Saturday I got a late-arriving Christmas present consisting of gift cards for iTunes and Starbucks. This is like giving Eddie Money two tickets to paradise. I love both companies; roughly 75% o...

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Tyson Chandler Thinking About Opting Out?

Jun 12 2010 09:13 AM | Dustin Phifer in Featured

For a guy that missed 37 games last season and has been injury plagued his entire career a 12.6 million dollar salary would sound pretty good for next season, but it sounds like Tyson Chandler may have other ideas. A report from ESPN has a source claim...

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Tuesday Morning Predraft Linkage 6/23

Jun 23 2009 08:36 AM | ziggy in Featured

We're down to a handful of people that the Charlotte Bobcats are considering for their #12 pick. Most of the attention seems to be on Terrence Williams and Gerald Henderson, but lets throw Dejuan Blair in the mix also as a dark horse. Based on comments...

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Tonight's THE NIGHT! (well, it's a night)

Oct 06 2009 01:07 PM | Andrew Barraclough in Featured

An actual game against another team!  Holy crap!  It doesn't mean a whole lot but it's a competition and it's leading to something...like a run at the Playoffs.  That's the expectation this year.  We're done with this basement dwelling, yeah they have...

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Thursday afternoon linkage: Sam Cassell's famil...

Dec 10 2009 08:29 AM | ziggy in Featured

Behold... Linkage to brighten up your Thursday afternoon. Hardwood Paroxysm ( runs to dictionary.com to find out what the heck paroxysm means ) reports that there are several Bobcats that have been dealing with a lot of rejection this season. Ruf...

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Thoughts on Charlotte Hornets Arena Upgrades

Aug 12 2014 10:53 AM | WCBobcat in Featured

http://www.bizjourna...efore-city.html I hope this passes or fails quickly. I think the timing of this is pretty poor...after such a positive and exciting off season where fan support is building a solid foundation. If this becomes a lengthly pub...

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The Pistons too?

Nov 12 2009 05:37 PM | Andrew Barraclough in Featured

The Bobcats haven't won on the road yet. The Bobcats have only won 3 games so far. The Bobcats have looked bad in some of the losses. It's frustrating because there is no consistency of play and therefore, for me, there is nothing to say "That's the...

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The New Model For Charlotte Hornets Success

Oct 15 2015 01:58 PM | QC Thundercats in Featured

So over the years, we've talked about which team's model to follow to build up a contender. What started with the OKC model ended abruptly with the Unibrow scandal. The Pacers/Grizzlies model was admired for building up from mid round picks, except we...

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