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Game Thread: Charlotte Hornets @ Miami Heat (Game 7)

NBA Playoffs Round 1, Game 7
Charlotte Hornets at Miami Heat

Sunday, May 1, 2016, 1:00pm ET
AmericanAirlines Arena, Miami, FL

Referees #24 Mike Callahan | #55 Bill Kennedy | #14 Ed Malloy | #26 Pat Fraher (alternate)


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Round 1 series tied 3-3

Game 1: Charlotte 91, Miami 123

Game 2: Charlotte 103, Miami 115

Game 3: Miami 80, Charlotte 96

Game 4: Miami 85, Charlotte 89

Game 5: Charlotte 90, Miami 88

Game 6: Miami 97, Charlotte 90

April 29, 2016 at Time Warner Cable Arena – Charlotte dropped Game Six, 90-97, snapping a franchise-high-tying three-game playoff winning streak. Kemba Walker scored 37 points, which marked the second most points in a playoff game by a Charlotte player in franchise history. It was Walker’s second game with 30-plus points this playoffs, which is the first time a Hornets player has had multiple 30-plus point games in the playoff since Jamal Mashburn in 2001. Cody Zeller contributed a playoff career-high- tying 12 points off the bench and Big Al Jefferson had 18 points. Dwyane Wade led Miami with 23 points, 10 of which came in the final frame to seal the victory for Miami. -- Game Notes

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    1% less likely to win than game 5. Point spread was about the same too iirc. We aren't out of this yet. Wonder if 538 or Vegas took into account jersey colors... Purple for the win!!!
    Fully expect an ugly game semi-resembling basketball. Game 7, Clifford and Spo, and neither team has scored 100 points since game 2.

    Basic stuff: turnovers, surrender no big runs, rebound, and ball pressure....make those old guys work for everything quarters 1-3.

    And benches. The arbitrage all series has been 2nd units. Can't emphasize that enough.

    Heat Chatter

    by Barry Jackson, Miami Herald


    I'm posting this separately because it's buried halfway down a long blog post





    • An MRI on Josh Richardson's injured left shoulder came back negative, according to a source, and he has told reporters he intends to play in Game 7, though he's listed as questionable. Richardson had a stress reaction in his left shoulder as a result of trying to fight through a Cody Zeller screen in Game 6.


    Richardson told reporters after Game 6, including our Manny Navarro, that he intends to play Sunday and still felt that way today, according to a source. But a friend indicated he was still in a bit of discomfort today. It will be up to Richardson about whether he believes he can play through the discomfort. And he clearly wants to play.


    Also, there's also a very small chance of tearing the labrum if he plays, but again, it's a small chance. The MRI showed no tear or dislocation. The Heat might put him through drills Sunday morning to see how the shoulder reacts, including his mobility.


    "You have to be responsible to the athlete," Erik Spoelstra said before the MRI result was known. "If you leave it up to Josh, he said there's no question he's playing. And that may be the case. But the responsible thing to him and to us is to get it checked out, see what it is and take the next course of action."


    If Richardson is limited or has difficulty playing, Spoelstra could use Dwyane Wade or Gerald Green as the ball-handler when Goran Dragic is resting. Is Spoelstra comfortable using Tyler Johnson, who hasn't played in three months?


    "Yeah, if that's necessary," Spoelstra said. "Tyler has done a lot of work in the last three weeks. He's going to get another workout tonight. He keeps on kidding me since I mentioned he would be available in an emergency basis. Virtually every time I bump into him, he said he's seen a lot of emergencies out there. If that's what's necessary, we'll use him. If it means somebody else has to play 40 plus minutes, we'll go that way as well."


    • How unusual were Dwyane Wade’s late-game threes? Not only was his 0 for 21 three-point drought the longest of his career, but he was 0 for 8 on clutch threes during the season (NBA defines clutch as the final five minutes with a margin of five points or less). Only Shabazz Muhammad (0 for 9) was worse.


    But on all shots, Wade has made five of the Heat’s seven clutch baskets in this series, after shooting a strong 45.5 percent in the clutch this season (third among starting shooting guards, behind only Avery Bradley and Bradley Beal). Forward LeBron James shot 42.4 percent, by comparison.


    Who else do you want shooting for the Heat if Game 7 is decided in the final moments?


    Luol Deng, who was second in the league in clutch threes this season (11 for 18, 61.1 percent). And Hassan Whiteside shot an NBA-best 76 percent in the clutch (19-25, minimum 20 shots), though Miami is at risk if he’s fouled. (He was 13 for 22 on clutch free throws).


    Joe Johnson warrants a late-game shot but he's 7 for 21 in the clutch since joining the Heat (without a playoff attempt), and Goran Dragic 2 for 10 in the clutch since the All-Star break, including 0 for 2 in this series.


    • You know how many “clutch” minutes Udonis Haslem played all season before being on the court for the final 2:54 Friday? Four! Players he’s guarding have shot five for seven against him in this series, but he impacts the game by rebounding, setting hard screens and taking charges.


    "It became pretty clear last night, the game became medieval," Spoelstra said. "Those are the moments I turn to UD and Dwyane. We've been in over a hundred of these playoff games and when games are like that and it becomes about the trenches, the effort plays, the toughness plays, the charges, the in-traffic rebounds, I have no more trust in anybody than UD."


    Ask Johnson who he has gained the most appreciation for since joining the Heat and he quickly names Haslem.


    “Just the positive energy he brings,” Johnson said. “He's always prepared, always talking and staying in peoples' ear and in our ear on what he sees on the court. That's leadership. Those are the things you take for granted.


    “I had the luxury to play with Kevin Garnett. He's the same way. He was probably only going to play 10, 15, maybe 20 minutes.


    "He may not score a basket, but his energy was always a constant. I put Udonis in that same frame as far as telling his teammates and helping us out in any situation possible.” 

    Richardson is playing too.


    May 01 2016 10:47 AM

    This is what it's all about, everything is against us, we are playing in Miami, they have the stars, they have dictated the style/pace of play, it's an early tip, our guys have had an emotional let down not closing out in Charlotte, the team is hurt with MKG, Batum,Hawes, Zeller all hurt to some extent. However, sometimes things just happen in the NBA, no reason, it defies the odds but it happens, Charlotte haven't been a team to fall on the right end of the "Stuff just happens" side of things, lets hope this is one of those times. 

    quick shoutout to Marvin Williams.  I was upset with the loss, I don't really want to cut you... please hit 10 3 pointers tonight.  

    This is where the gamers are going to have to make their bones. Hit or not, if they play I expect everyone in both sides to give it everything until the adrenaline wears off. I have faith in our little band of rebels. Until the end!

    quick shoutout to Marvin Williams. I was upset with the loss, I don't really want to cut you... please hit 10 3 pointers tonight.

    If he just plays out of his mind energy and defense, I am ok if he doesn't crack the shooting column. Just lock JJ the bleep down and scrap for every 50/50 ball.

    Miami's Post All-Star home record of 12-2 is misleading from a comically easy schedule:


    - Miami was 3-2 vs playoff teams. 1 win was OT vs the Pacers, 1 Cleveland limiting starter minutes teens thru mid-20's, and Detroit


    - Including the playoffs, Miami is 5-3 with 2 of those L's vs Charlotte.


    - Since Feb. 1 Miami is 5-5 at home vs playoff teams.



    Marvin is THE guy I'd make sure enters Q4 with < 25 minutes and rested for the final 8-10 minutes. Almost all of Nic's minutes should be used to rest Marvin.

    Oh, it's going down.





    Odds of Kemba and Lin running a ton of PnR going right is somewhere between 100% and 100%.



    May 01 2016 12:16 PM

    The Heat are going to crank their intensity level to 10 and their fans are going to be cheering out of their minds.


    Hornets cannot, and I stress, CANNOT let Miami build a 10 point leads at any point in the game.


    Whenever Lin has a terrible game, he always comes out the next game gunning so we should expect him to be a headache for the Miami. Foul troubles was what got Lin in a funk in Game 6. Spo no doubt told his players to clamp down on Lin and Walker and that's what they did.


    But then again, Miami complained to the league that Lin and Walker got favorable calls. BOO HOO.


    Today's game could go either way because both team are evenly matched.  I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

    QC Thundercats
    May 01 2016 12:21 PM
    From Wikipedia:

    In basketball, a rebound, colloquially referred to as a board,[1] is a statistic awarded to a player who retrieves the ball after a missed field goal or free throw.
    Vespa luctuosa
    May 01 2016 12:26 PM

    Zero desire to rebound.  

    Hansbrough can and should play in this game. We have no fight on the boards and he could provide that. He's inactive today oh well.
    Founding Hornet
    May 01 2016 12:29 PM
    Al is such a liability
    Founding Hornet
    May 01 2016 12:32 PM
    Cody is hurt
    Im just over this sh*t. Dudes came out with no energy.
    May 01 2016 12:35 PM

    Marvin doesn't want to shoot the ball since he hasn't been making it. Batum despite wanting to play is just missing shots & turning over the ball. Coach Clifford is going to have to go all in & play Lamb & Daniels today. 

    Im just over this sh*t. Dudes came out with no energy.
    May 01 2016 12:38 PM

    Hornets does not seem like they are into the game at all.


    You could almost tell which team is going to win just based of of their hustle. Also, Lin needs to do more.  He's too quiet.  Walker/Lin is the key to tonight's game.   Jeff Van Gundy said Lin is the key to tonight's game.  


    Things need to happen soon and quick.

    Cody Zeller is trash. He is scared to be physical.
    Founding Hornet
    May 01 2016 12:40 PM
    Anything can happen but we absolutely had to win the game in Charlotte.
    Founding Hornet
    May 01 2016 12:42 PM
    I mean, we basically are missing two of our top three players as the injured Batum is close to worthless and in MKG is out. If we can keep this team together I think we can make a deep run next year .

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