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Jeopardy, the Magnificent!

Jul 28 2018 08:38 AM | Andrew Barraclough in Headline

Did you know there is only one major newspaper in Charlotte? There is only, and forever has only been, one writer that covers the NBA for that paper. He, like me, in this offseason is searching for things to write. He gets more questions on twitter t...

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What Does Summer League Say About Your Hornets

Jul 16 2018 06:25 PM | Andrew Barraclough in Headline

Do you even watch the Summer League? I don’t ever want to downplay anything the league does, honestly I don’t. The NBA is a year round phenomenon. The NFL tries to be but there is no competition outside of the August to February pre- regular and post-...

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Charlotte Hornets Primed to Win Southeast Division

Oct 28 2016 06:28 PM | Marcus Williams in Headline

The Southeast Division remains the most impacted division from the offseason free agent moves, particularly Dwyane Wade's departure from Miami Heat and Al Horford and Jeff Teague's departure from the Hawks. The Charlotte Hornets are primed to win the d...

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The Charlotte Hornets X-Factor

Oct 25 2016 04:38 PM | Marcus Williams in Headline

The Charlotte Hornets capped their 2015-16 season as the Eastern Conference's sixth seed. Their rather impressive 48-34 record was showcased against the three seeded Miami Heat. After losing two straight games, the team would go on to win three straigh...

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Players Who Need To Emerge For The Hornets

Sep 16 2016 03:12 PM | Marcus Williams in Headline

Last season was the best this franchise has seen. Who is going to need to emerge for the Hornets in order for 2016 - 2017 to be even even better ?

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Blogcat’s Take, 2016 Free Agency

Jul 09 2016 09:05 PM | Blogcat in Headline

There are several ways to look at the Charlotte Hornets’ free agency period, and the one I choose is, “It could have been so much worse.” If you include the draft as part of the overall free agent/offseason gestalt, then “it could have been so much wor...

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Blogcat's Take, 4/23

Apr 23 2016 11:50 AM | Blogcat in Headline

Regarding games one and two of the Hornets-Heat series, there’s probably nothing new or enlightening I can add. The last time I saw such utterly one-sided destruction, it was initiated by Cylons: I also don’t have anything consoling to offer to fell...

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2016 NBA Playoff Discussion (The Other Teams)

Apr 16 2016 03:33 PM | ziggy in Headline

Let's use this thread for all non-Hornets playoff discussion: This is what I see so far. I was surprised to see Toronto go down 0-1 to the Pacers in this afternoon's first game. Looks like Derozan and Lowry were ice cold from the field (a combined 8...

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Blogcat's Take, 4/9

Apr 09 2016 01:51 PM | Blogcat in Headline

Now that the Hornets have secured the 6th seed, the question is, can Charlotte get an even higher seed in the final few games? And I’d like to answer that question with a question: who gives a shit? Seriously, I can’t believe I’m writing about this tea...

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Blogcat's Take, 3/26

Mar 26 2016 02:24 PM | Blogcat in Headline

Despite the Hornets’ bootylicious performance last night against the Pistons, I’m still feeling pretty good about the team right now for four main reasons—two of which are blindingly obvious. Most obviously, a few nights prior, Charlotte did what I tho...

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Blogcat's Take, 3/12

Mar 12 2016 02:26 PM | Blogcat in Headline

With a dominant win over the Pistons last night, the Hornets went to 8 games above .500 for the first time in history, which sounds like an answer to the saddest sports trivia game ever. I guess if you want to get technical and merge both Charlotte Hor...

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Blogcat's Take, 3/5

Mar 05 2016 03:41 PM | Blogcat in Headline

With last night’s triumph over the Pacers, I’d like to propose a toast to dependability. Except when it comes to station wagons and adult undergarments, “dependability” is not a trait that gets praised very often. But considering how miserably enfeeble...

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If the playoffs started today (2016 Edition)

Feb 27 2016 05:42 AM | ziggy in Headline

As of today, we are in the 7th seed and would be facing the Toronto Raptors in the first round. I like that match-up, but currently we're only 1 game out of the 5 spot, and a match-up against the Hawks or Heat is much more appealing to me. Priority #...

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Making it Rain (on the Hornets)

Jan 19 2016 01:07 AM | buckets in Headline

I finally sat down to make some fancy pictures from the last 10 games, a stretch that began after 12/29 producing a 1-9 record and some stingy stinky defense. I pulled this data before the Jazz game so those stats are not included, probably mercifull...

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Blogcat's Take, 12/26

Dec 26 2015 01:26 PM | Blogcat in Headline

OK, there’s no use in denying it: this article is going to hurt. So before we get into the pain, let’s start with a spoonful of humor to help the medicine go down. Here’s me doing some lighthearted trolling on Jeremy Lin, and while he didn’t answer or...

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Blogcat's Take, 12/19

Dec 19 2015 01:09 PM | Blogcat in Headline

I’ve been spending most of my Hornets life living in a future paradise. Whether the team was tanking or just flat-out ass-stench stinking, or both, I’ve been a daydream believer whenever I’m not cursing with rage, withering in embarrassment, or mournin...

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Blogcat's Take, 12/12

Dec 12 2015 02:31 PM | Blogcat in Headline

The Bulls. The Pistons. The Heat. The Grizzlies. Tell ‘em, Tidwell: Forgive me, but now is the perfect time to take a victory lap. And there are a number of big laps we could take. Here’s a lap the size of Nell Carter’s: the Hornets have won 4 in a...

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