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Charlotte Hornets Draft Grade 2018

So the Hornets had another draft pick. It’s a yearly passage. Whether they will use them, whether those they use them on will play, if they will be 7’ and white. All questions that are answered yearly.

Charlotte picked last week. The 2018 Draft came, I didn’t watch, they traded like a million things. I feel like there are 200 second round picks coming back. Finally, I figured out that they actually took 3 players in this year’s draft: Miles Bridges, a Forward from Michigan State; Devonte Graham, a guard from Kansas; Arnoldas Kulboka, a Lithuanian from Lithuania. I don’t know anything about any of those players. I don’t watch college ball. I don’t watch Lithuanian ball, despite my deep fascination with the entire Ball Family. I think the Hornets should have taken Liangelo Ball rather than Arnoldas Kulboka.

Since I don’t know anything about these picks, I have scoured the internet and looked at what experts have graded these picks. Some, most actually, just grade the first round. Without further ado, the Charlotte Hornets Draft Grades for 2018:

CBS Sports’ Kyle Boone says it’s a straight up B for the entire 3 pick haul. He likes the Bridges pick thinking he’d be a higher pick last year and that Graham could be Kemba Walker’s backup. Well, OK, thanks for the ol’ “It’s fine, just fine,” grade Kyle!

Maurice Moton at Bleacher Report Grade’s the whole draft as a “B.” That’s all he says about the Hornets. “B”

Nbadraft.net (which still looks like a GeoCities site) had David Ray do the grades, he says “C.” “Moving in the right direction,” is how he left things. He likes Miles Bridges, he said Kemba is as good as gone and Devonte Graham is going to start in his place at PG. If I got an NBA level starting PG that could replace a 2 time all-star in the second round, I’d probably go with something a bit better than middle of the road but who am I to judge a grade?

My good friend Jordan Schultz of Yahoo! (do we still use the !?) (BTW did you know his Dad is the founder and former CEO of Starbucks? Now I know how he scoops the Seahawks stuff) He just gave grades on the first round and he puts it in the context of trading away the “PG of the future”? In Shai Gilgeous-Alexander? I disagree mostly because I don’t believe Kemba is going anywhere. Anyway, he says B+ for Bridges in the first round. Super athlete that can do things a forward should do starting at day 1.

The Sporting News’ Chris Stone gave the Bridges pick an A. He said that Miles was their 7th ranked player and the Hornets got him at 12 so that was a good pick. Value. Hmm. That’s like buying a Kia instead of a Mercedes. Yeah, it’s nice but why didn’t your uncle who has a beach house also buy a Kia?

The Ringer, not the 2005 Johnny Knoxville Special Olympics vehicle, the Bill Simmons naval gazing pile, gives the Hornets an A. Jonathan Tjarks says something about Dwight leaving and Kemba on his way out of town and Bridges is a key piece in a rebuild. I don’t necessarily agree with that premise but I’m glad he’s a good player in the Ringer’s eyes.

Jeremy Woo at Sports Illustrated says B-. He liked the pick of Shai the pick before and thought the fit with Monk was better. He lamented the trade a bit because SGA in his mind has more upside. I don’t know who this Malik Monk character is he refers to. I’d like to know more. I’ll email Steve Clifford and see if he knows. He doesn’t really mention Bridges himself. Click the link, you might have different takeaways.

So, the overall draft would average a B-. The First round pick of Miles Bridges averages out to a B+. I don’t know because right now, he doesn’t project as a transformational talent out of the blocks. Therefore, if he doesn’t move the needle by himself, it’s all about fit. I think new coach James Borrego would make more use out of a rookie player than Steve Clifford.

Hornets fans can look forward to a new and revitalized, ehh who am I kidding. The rotations, the coaching, the players all remain to be seen. I’m not sold but I’m not selling either.


    Nice write up Andrew!

    Some of the excerpts are interesting.  I too don't buy that Kemba is out the door but if so, and if that's known, that would cast a very different light on the draft than it looks today IMO.  



    BTW Andrew, here's an additional one to add to your collection:


    Charlotte Hornets – Traded #11 for #12 Miles Bridges and two seconds, then traded those seconds for #34 Devonte Graham, drafted Arnoldas Kulboka #55.


    I liked the trade from 11 to 12, and Miles Bridges is a good pick there. He is a good bet to be a useful small-ball 4, but I am a little lower on him now that he is in Charlotte’s developmental context. Hopefully new coach James Borrego is proactive about using Bridges as a 4-man and leveraging his shooting and close out attacking ability. One thing I will say is that Charlotte is in desperate need of big time talent injection, so gambling on Michael Porter Jr. might have been worthwhile.


    I’m not a fan of either the Graham or Kulboka selections. Graham could be a decent backup point guard for them, but he’s not altering their future in a meaningful way. They did pick one of my favorite prospects on the board at their selection, so this looks like a good draft. I just worry that this franchise lacks direction from a long-term perspective.


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