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No one I know has ever called Mike Miller a bust. There's no reason to. He won Rookie of the Year honors and Sixth Man of the Year honors and has established himself as a solid swingman in the League capable of putting up averages of 15-18 points a game. No one complains that he should be scoring 20-25 a game even though he was the 5th pick in the draft after only two years of college. What does this have to do with the price of tea in China? Very simple. Compare Miller's rookie season with Adam's and it's safe to say that they are almost mirror images of each other. Miller averaged 12ppg in 29mpg. Adam put up 12ppg in 30mpg. They both shot 71% from the free throw line. Miller averaged 4 rebounds a game to Adam's 3 but Adam averaged 2.1 assists compared to Miller's 1.7. The only significant difference in their stats is their FG% and 3P% Miller shot .436 overall and .403 on 3's. Adam shot .376 overall and .337 from downtown. I think that this discrepancy can be explained by the fact that Miller was playing with a guy named Tracy McGrady who was just entering his prime. Playing with a talent like that makes it easier for a shooter such as Miller to hang out on the peremiter while the defense collapses on T-Mac and just wait for the kick out and then the open jumper. Adam never had a guy like that getting him open shots and alot of the time Adam was trying to create his own shot. So why have some haters tried to label Adam a bust already? Probably because of his cult like status in college. People were thinking he might be the next Larry Bird but how fair is that to Adam? If he can be a Mike Miller type of player for this team I won't regret that we picked him third.


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