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Bobcats Fun with Facebook

While searching around on Facebook it seems as though the Charlotte Bobcats players have inspired some pretty funny pages and groups. Heres a look at some of the facebook goodness.

Sean May - He apparently... ummm(searching for thesaurus)... urinates quality.

Sean May's Facebook page

Jared Dudley fans have create a 70+ member group titled Jared Dudley is rapper Jim Jones' twin

Dj Augustin I guess I have to be a Charlotte Bobcats fan now because of DJ (220+ members)

And Adam Morrison has his "fans" 

Adam Morrison is the ugliest ************ in the NBA (or the World)  (200+ members) 

Adam Morrison gives me a boner    

Former Bobcat Primoz Brezec has inspired

The Primoz Brezec Haters

Nazr Mohammed is so much better than Primoz Brezec


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