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Congratulations Phil Jackson, He is your problem now.

Phil Jackson, you will need all of your quote-unquote zen like abilities to turn Adam Morrison into an NBA caliber player.

A couple of issues right off the bat.

  • In the video below Phil mentions that Adam is a good spot up shooter. Good spot up shooters don't miss 64% of their shots. 
  • Adam has confidence issues. Can a player who hangs his head after every missed shot ( and there are plenty of them ) survive with his sanity intact around someone as maniacally demanding as Kobe? Doubtful.
  • From a defensive standpoint, There was a gigantic glowing bullseye on Adam every time that he stepped on the court. It was obvious that he couldn't stop anybody and everyone on the other team knew it
A few thoughts on the deal from the members of BobcatsPlanet:
While I think unloading Morrison was long-overdue, I think it might've been nice to deal an expiring for an expiring to give us more offseason flexibility. I will say this, while Radmanovic isn't a superstar, he can actually contribute and knock some shots down, which - sadly - Ammo was no longer good at. I think in light of the injuries to Bell and Crash and the uncertainty of Felton's situation, it's interesting to see how we're trying to keep the season afloat by cobbling together a team on the fly...I think we can all admit that Cartier Martin has been a pleasant surprise so far, so we'll see what we can get with Vlady

 Big Slam

Kobe is going to eat Ammo alive.
If Ammo had a confidence problem before, he's sure as shit in trouble playing with a perfectionist who has no problem in chewing his team mates out openly on court during play while the network cameras are on him.
I wish him well though. I was a big fan of his at Gonzaga and I hope he can find himself in LA.
I'm just glad we can start to put that blown draft pick behind us and start to move forward.


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