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LA Lakers: Your 2008-2009 NBA Champs

and the Orlando Magic roll over and take it like champs.

Seriously, watching this series was like watching a lucky team vs. a good team.  The Lakers and whatever you make of Kobe Bryant and his scowl were the dominant team, eventhough 2 games went to overtime and the Magic won one.  I keep thinking of what could have been.  I know Nike and the puppets wanted a Kobe/Lebron final but Lebron and the Lebronettes aren't ready, and they'll probably ship half the team to Phoenix to bring in that "super" star Shaq to pair with Mr. James.  I don't get why or how these teams that are really, really good in the regular season think that bringing in Shaq will push them over that championship edge but oh well, that's why I'm not in an NBA front office.

No it's not the lack of Lebron that made these finals less than what they could have been (still good).  It was the lack of firepower coming out of your 2009 All-Star Leading Vote Getter (is that what you call him) Superman himself Dwight Howard.  I know it's a team sport and I know you have to watch for the love of the game but some part of me wants "the most dominant big man" (I don't know who I'm not quoting there, just know I didn't say it) to show some sort of passion, play and to be dominant.

Instead he was dominated by Pau Gasol, Kobe and whoever else LA wanted to throw at him.  For the defensive player of the year, he looked a little meek.  He got his blocks but so did Gasol and even Kobe last night.  Superman and all that?  Come on now Dwight, it's about winning, not just having fun and looking cool.

Anyway, the kid is only what?  23-24 and Kobe had those years behind Shaq and under Phil Jackson.  I don't know about you but 10 championships is huge even if you have Michael, Scottie, Shaq and Kobe.  He said this morning on Sportscenter that he feels fortunate to be the guy but man, he's squeezed it for what it's worth.  Doug Collins couldn't win with MJ, Rudy T couldn't win with Kobe and Shaq.

However you want to look at it, the 2008 - 2009 season is over.  Up down, trades, new coaches, fired coaches, rookies that didn't light the world on fire and superstars that aren't as super as we all thought, it's over.



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