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Bismack Biyombo

Dwight to Biyombo with a Side of Parker

Jul 08 2018 03:21 PM | Andrew Barraclough in Bismack Biyombo

The NBA league year thing is really bizarre to me. The free agency blitz that took place at midnight July 1 is some peculiar timing issue to prevent tampering or something but how could a guy sign at midnight on the button if he hasn’t talked to whate...

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Blogcat's Take, 12/21

Dec 21 2014 03:15 PM | Blogcat in Bismack Biyombo

Alright, so we’ve won two in a row, but let’s not go crazy. Let’s not even go mildly quirky. The 76ers had so many comical turnovers that spectators in the first 5 rows of their arena should be wearing smocks like they’re at a Gallagher show. Meanwhile...

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Blogcat’s Take, 5/17: Most Improved Bobcat

May 17 2014 01:44 PM | Blogcat in Bismack Biyombo

Okay, friends, colleagues, people to whom I owe money, etc...this is my last write-up of the magical 2013-14 season. For the next few weeks I’m retreating back to my fortress of solitude, where I’ll converse with a hologram of my dead alien father. Unl...

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Looking Ahead: Bismack Biyombo

Apr 09 2014 08:46 AM | spectre in Bismack Biyombo

What is a fair contract for Biz this offseason? Is he replacable for a smaller amount? If so by who? FWIW here is his stats page: http://espn.go.com/n...bismack-biyombo In considering this we shouldn't forget his age, his time playing organized ba...

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Blogcat's Early Season Reviews

Nov 03 2013 11:20 PM | Blogcat in Bismack Biyombo

We’re three games into the season, and the 1-2 Bobcats have already answered a key question: how bad must things get before Ben Gordon is allowed to play? We got our answer Saturday night when coach Clifford pulled the ol’ sub-all-five-starters-at-once...

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Blogcat’s Season Preview, Part 1: The Bigs

Oct 13 2013 12:35 AM | Blogcat in Bismack Biyombo

Having completed my 4-part study on disastrous Bobcats moves of yore , we now transition from mourning the Bobcats’ past to vomiting over their future. (Yep, being a Bobcats fan is like being told by God that you can be any Stand By Me character you wa...

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Charlotte Bobcats Shrewdly Choose Al Jefferson...

Jul 05 2013 02:12 AM | Blogcat in Bismack Biyombo

Charlotte Bobcats fans had been expecting some free agent fireworks over this 4th of July weekend, just not down their pants. But that’s what we got on Thursday, courtesy of GM Rich Cho, who’d been promising/threatening a bold free agent move for sever...

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Charlotte Bobcats Bolster Inside Game With Al J...

Jul 04 2013 10:30 AM | Kevin in Bismack Biyombo

The Charlotte Bobcats, who have been searching for top-level help inside the paint for the last couple of years, finally addressed the position by signing former Utah Jazz center Al Jefferson. And just like that, what was once an embarrassing weakness...

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Bobcats Frontcourt a Hairy Mess

Feb 24 2013 07:43 AM | Blogcat in Bismack Biyombo

Byron Mullens, who had vowed not to shave his beard until he had boxed someone out on a rebound, finally showed up clean-shaven in Saturday night’s loss to the Nuggets. That was about the only good news in the drama-free blowout, as Mullens had begun t...

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Biyombo Plays, Says, Perhaps Listens Frequently...

Nov 22 2012 09:00 PM | Blogcat in Bismack Biyombo

Bismack Biyombo is on his way, he’s making it.  Asked by Stephanie Ready what was going through his mind in the frantic final 28 seconds of zaniness that led to a Bobcats win over the Toronto Raptors, Mack answered, “We have done a pretty good job as...

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What to Expect From Bismack Biyombo in 2012

Oct 05 2012 01:51 AM | Kevin in Bismack Biyombo

Bismack Biyombo wasn't drafted to be an offensive stalwart. Ever. The Charlotte Bobcats and everyone else in the NBA world knew exactly what Biyombo was: a defensive stopper with no real hope of developing consistent offensive skills. And if they st...

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President Higgins Excited About Acquiring “Qual...

Jul 16 2012 04:17 AM | Blogcat in Bismack Biyombo

Yesterday the Bobcats submitted the winning $2M bid for Brendan Haywood, whom you may have heard has North Carolina roots.  For days the Charlotte Observer has been extensively detailing his North Carolina-related history with articles that sound like...

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Nobody Beats The Biz...Mack

Feb 24 2012 02:59 AM | ziggy in Bismack Biyombo

Over the last few games Charlotte Bobcats rookie Bismack Biyombo has shown everyone a small glimpse  of what we have to look forward to from him. In the last 3 games he is averaging 10.3 rebounds and a jaw dropping 5 rebounds per game. When a rookie pu...

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I Love this Bismack Biyombo Kid

Dec 25 2011 08:00 PM | Travis Pulver in Bismack Biyombo

A statement like that may sound kind of strange to some of you, but if you hear me out on why I think some of you will understand. A lot of you are probably like me. You were good at the sports you played, but you were never great; you were not the...

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