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I Love this Bismack Biyombo Kid

A statement like that may sound kind of strange to some of you, but if you hear me out on why I think some of you will understand.

A lot of you are probably like me. You were good at the sports you played, but you were never great; you were not the go to guy. That didn’t stop you from playing though. The other guy may have got the accolades, but for you it was different. You just loved to play; it was all about the passion.

These days when I look around professional sports I do not see a whole lot of passion. Yea there are guys that get excited and plenty of celebrations after big scores—and small scores, small plays, no plays, and anything else that happens on the field/court/diamond.

Much of the passion we see in professional sports is not real. Too often you see guys appear to act pumped up/excited/ in the zone/ whatever you want to call it and fans are often left asking why. What is this guy screaming about and doing a little dance over? He missed the shot/got dunked on/ missed the block—or my personal favorite—the other guy made the play.

Where is the passion? Sports should get you excited. Look in the stands of any game in any stadium and you will have no problem finding fans that are truly passionate about supporting whatever team happens to be on the court.

So how does this apply to Bismack Biyumbo? In case you have not heard yet, he bought out the majority of his contract with the Spanish team he was playing with, Fuenlabrada, so that he could sign and play with the Charlotte Bobcats this season.

He had a $1.5 million buyout; the Bobcats were allowed to cover roughly a half million of it. Bismack had to dish out a million of his own so that he could play in the NBA.

Now there are skeptics (or realists depending on your perception) that are probably thinking that means nothing. He’ll make that up in no time in the NBA. I am sure you are right.

Me, on the other hand, I see this as a move by someone who truly wanted to play on the biggest stage that basketball has to offer, and was not going to let money stay in the way. He could have easily played another year overseas, made a descent chunk of change, and then come over to the NBA and made a bigger chunk.

I see this as a move by someone who wanted nothing more than to have the opportunity of a lifetime now, not later. I see it as someone who had his life’s dream within reach and was not going to let anything stop him from reaching it. I see someone who is passionate about the game of basketball.

Does this mean he is going to be the next greatest player? Not at all.

He is young. Bismack needs some seasoning; he needs to learn the NBA game (yes, it is actually different from the international game). Some players are able to make the change (Yao Ming); some have a harder time doing so (Yi Jianlian).

What we’ll get out of Bismack Biyombo remains to be seen, but I feel pretty confident that we’ll at least get his absolute best effort.


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