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Nobody Beats The Biz...Mack

Over the last few games Charlotte Bobcats rookie Bismack Biyombo has shown everyone a small glimpse  of what we have to look forward to from him. In the last 3 games he is averaging 10.3 rebounds and a jaw dropping 5 rebounds per game. When a rookie puts up those kind of numbers, everyone takes notice. Take a look at what people are saying. And remember you can watch every Bobcats game in 2012 with NBA League Pass on DIRECT TV.

Via the BobcatsPlanet forums


Did any one notice Hibbert calling him out at the end or the game patting him on the back . He gained Hibberts respect last night and Roy is the 2nd best center in the league.

Yes I did!

Did you also catch the bench's reaction on the next time out after he made the follow thru/dunk? Everyone (Kemba, Tyrus, Carroll, etc.) ran out onto the court to meet him and pat him on the back...all with big grins.

It seems he's got the other players on his side in regards to getting better. He's first in and last out of the gym...how can anyone not love this kid?

We saw just a small piece of the beast last night . This kid is going to be a star better than i even dreamed. Right now he sets better picks better than any one on the team. . You can tell hes going to be vocal all ready. If you watch him closely during the games hes asking questions and talking.  Ive even seen him telling other players where they should be . Did you see last night when Boris didn't even jump on a play and was between SMACK and the ball. SMACK got pissed off . He gave Boris that at least try to stop the shot [go to hell look ] He is infectious when he's on the floor. He will make others better. I think a lot of his game right now is attitude. He just has that it factor some how . Now i do know hes very raw and has tons to learn. But this kid is going to learn it.

This is justifying 7th pick going to Bismack. Hope he keeps this intensity up and keeps learning at this rapid rate. His block which led to a fast break dunk for himself deserved to be in the top 10 plays on nba.com... but stupid linsanity n melo got the 10th spot yawwnnn!!


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