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Antawn Jamison Coming to Charlotte?

Antawn JamisonAfter the season the Charlotte Bobcats had last year there really is only one direction for the team to go—up. Assuming that new head coach Mike Dunlap is able to work with young guys at the pro level like he was in college (since the age range is pretty similar I don’t see why not) the team could very well be on the right path to success.

Now I wasn’t a fan of the Dunlap hire when it was announced, but what’s done is done. Like most of you, I’m just going to hope for the best going forward. Should he be able to mold this collection of raw, young talent into a team the Bobcats will be fun to watch if nothing else next season.

Dunlap can’t do it alone. A coach can cover the X’s and O’s in practice and make adjustments from the sideline, but a team needs a guy that can help make those adjustments on the court rather than waiting for a time out. It needs someone who can be a leader and in the case of the Bobcats a teacher on the court.

The team needs a solid veteran presence.

The one they had was traded away; Corey Maggette for Ben Gordon and a future first round draft pick (solid trade in my opinion). Gordon is a good player, and unlike Maggette not injured a lot, but I don’t know if he has what it takes to lead this young team.

However, should he get—oh, say someone like Antawn Jamison to help—then we might be in business. As it turns out, that might actually happen.

Rod Higgins and Rich Cho had dinner with the veteran forward on Thursday. Word is that it went so well that they thought about trying to sign him over desert. Jamison told them to contact his agent instead.

This could actually work. Jamison is at a point in his career where he wants to win a championship, but then he also has four kids that like to see Dad at home too. Playing for Charlotte would allow him to see the kids every day during the season, except when the team goes on the road.

Ask anyone Dad who travels for work and has kids and he’ll tell you it sucks to see their cute little faces all sad as they ask when you’ll be home next. Talking about ripping the heart-strings right out of you.

As much as the championship would mean to him, it sounds like his priorities are straight and Jamison wants to be around his kids (ages 12 to 2) more. With his family living in the Charlotte area the team definitely has some pull with him.

With a pair of veterans in Gordon and Jamison on the court to help young guys like Kemba Walker, Bismack Biyombo, and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist learn the ropes I have to say I’m looking forward to seeing what the team can become.


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