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Will Absence Make the Heart Grow Founder for Charlotte’s Future Stars?

The Charlotte Bobcats made a big, bold move last season when they traded away a lot of the team’s best veteran talent in order to shake things up. It appeared to almost be working, but then injuries killed any chances of the team sneaking into the playoffs.

With a 25-29 finish after starting 9-19, the Bobcats showed that there is hope for the future; maybe they just needed more time to gel as well as a couple more weapons….

They appeared to get those weapons in the 2011 draft in the form of UConn’s phenomenal guard Kemba Walker and international sensation Bismack Biyumbo from the Democratic Republic of Congo (but playing for a team in Spain).

Could these guys be the answer?

Walker doesn’t look like much standing just 6’1” and weighing a slight 172 pounds, but size doesn’t mean everything; Allen Iverson stood just 6’ tall and weighs about 165 pounds and does anyone remember a guy named Spudd Webb?

I like how Jim Calhoun described him in an SI article:

“…Kemba was the total package, he could score, get seven or eight rebounds, disrupt on defense, was sound as heck with the ball, got to the foul line at crucial times. And he led his team. It was a magical season, but when you say 965 points, you aren't even getting close to what he meant to us."

Anyone that watched a lot of last year’s March Madness Tournament will tell you that Kemba Walker has got game. The only problem now is thanks to this pesky lockout we have to wait to see if he has an NBA quality game.

The lockout might actually be doing the Bobcats other pick, Bismack Biyumbo, some good. Almost immediately following the draft the headlines about him were not looking too good; trouble buying out his contract with Club Baloncesto Illescas.

With the NBA Lockout not appearing to go away anytime soon, should Biyumbo get another year under his belt with his Spanish team the Bobcats will have an easier time buying out his contract.

In the meantime, the fans are left wondering what the future holds for the Charlotte Bobcats as the team remains absent from the hard court and the lockout stretches on with no end in sight. All we can hope for is that through all the talk about basketball related income and everything else is that somewhere along the way they all remember what exactly it is that they are talking about:

A game.


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