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Bobcats / Pacers reaction

Reaction from around the web on last nights Bobcats win versus the Pacers: 

Indy Cornrows - First Quarter Updates and Bobcats 107 Pacers 103: End of a great Run

Oops, I just let out an "Ohh!!!" You'll know why when you see the break-away 360 dunk from Jason Richardson on SportsCenter tonight.

Honestly, the Pacers left whatever they had left out on the court tonight. Math will give the Pacers one more chance since the Hawks have lost to the Celtics. But that also requires the Hawks to lose to the Miami Heat. We knew this time would come, but facing it still stinks. 

Slam Dunk Central - JRich scores 26, Bobcats put damper on Pacers playoff hopes

If ever there was a key game for the Indiana Pacers to win in order to realize their quest for a visit to the playoffs, Saturday’s game against the Charlotte Bobcats could be considered the one.  But there was a slight problem - Jason Richardson.

BCP Game Thread (ohara) - Charlotte Bobcats at Indiana Pacers 4/12

Great road win vs a team at home fighting for a playoff spot!  Ind was 2 games behind Atl and Atl losing to Boston. Ind had every reason to fight hard and win, and we beat them at their own house!

Great game from Ray with 18 pts  12 asts
Okafor, Dudley, J-Rich and Nazr all played big tonight.

Guys, we may play ourselves ahead of Chi for the 8th spot and wind up with the 9th pick.  But, I'd rather my team bust ass to win and NEVER surrender than start throwing in the towel and losing to gain a better draft pick.  Fight on, mighty Bobcats!

Pacers Digest post game thread 80 (AesopRockOn) Quis loses the Bobcats, Pacers lose season.

...(JOB) killed the team on was the big rotation. We got absolutely crushed on the offensive boards. Both Okafor and Mohhammad had double doubles. Foster went for a board but if there was a tip or bounce, no one (save a couple of Bobcats) was there to collect it. In this respect, Murphy was useless but he boxing-out prowess isn't exactly fleeting. Most of the game he tried to play Danny, Murphy, or Shawne really briefly at the four. The problem is: we got killed on the boards. JO is kind of dead, so he couldn't help. Now, we're not much of a rebounding team, but Harrison or Diogu could have been brought in to take up space or at least pick up some ****en fouls so Danny wouldn't have had to sit out the third quarter.

The crappy free throw shooting and dumb turnovers definitely didn't help. The lack of penetration-stopping or stopping in general was there, but it always is. Completely incompetent in-game coaching shouldn't. So long playoffs (and hopefully O'Brien and Daniels).


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