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Charlotte Bobcats / Indiana Pacers Recap 1/25

I asked myself at one point during the first half of tonight's game, the Bobcats embarking on their 5 game 10 day road trip in Indiana, "Self, what do you think about the 'Cats as a 3 point shooting team?" 
"Well, my dear friend, you're terribly good looking by the way, the Bobcats probably could hit some 3s, but I doubt that's what Larry Brown wants this team to be.  You know how it feels when Gerald turns 45 degrees to the basket to 'square' up and he throws up that elbow extending shot, when you start saying 'no, no, no, he made it, shew!'  Well that's how I feel about the whole team shooting 3s."  Is what I decided in the first half.
In the last 2 minutes of the game I decided I don't like this team taking lots of three point shots.  The Bobcats came from 12 down, maybe 14 at some point, to within 3.  Then someone for the Pacers would make a shot, then another then another then the Bobcats closed it within 3 again and once more but the mental block, and I have no idea where this comes from, was jacking up a 3 to try and tie it rather than cutting and using your pick and roll.  The good old pick and roll was working because the Pacers are not a very focused defensive team.  It's like they saw Ray going one way with the ball towards Diaw or Okafor and the big guarding Diaw or Okafor would say "Hey, look cool ball.  I'll go after it too TJ!"  So, stick with what was working, pick and roll or jack up a 3 to try and get the tie?  3 is more fun and changes it up quicker, let's do that.  7 for 23 was how it ended and that's 5 % better than Indy shot.  So, I don't know, I just don't see it being a great thing for the Bobcats to lean on, especially in the end of games.

I think there were 5 missed shots in the final :45 of the game for the Bobcats.  2 were free throws, those from Boris Diaw.  Those were his only attempts from Boris.  Overall, the team was 18 for 30 and Emeka Okafor was 2-9!  Yowsers!  That's leaving points on the floor or how ever you want to call it.  No one is going to make every shot but wow, that's a pile of misses, and all the Bobcats ended up losing by were 5, do you think rather than 60% the Bobcats could have made 76% of those 30 attempts and won the game by 1?  Does that math work? 
Indiana is a young group and Danny Grainger may be one of the up and coming scorers for the League in years to come.  Dunleavy healthy makes a big difference.  They have some rebounding talent in Troy Murphy and Foster on some nights, and they stretch teams away from the basket with their ability to make outside shots, that also opens up several other guys to make good offensive rebounds.  It puts the other teams bigs out of position, as Okafor and Diaw found themselves many times tonight.  That would be 27 to 12 on rebounds between the two teams C's and PF's.  Tragically lost by the Bobcats. 
Rebounding and free throws are fundamental and a huge part of LB's "play the right way" mentality, it has to be.  The final score and the final 3 minutes made this game look a lot closer than it was and the Bobcats will come back to town with their tails between their legs if they go on to play like this the rest of the 4 games left on this trip.
(I acutally made notes tonight, trying to be deligent.  Here are a few that didn't make this post):
-seriously, watching that pregame to the bos game rondo to kg lob play, how does mek and ray and gerald and even diaw not get that?  nice one to mek
-foster and dunleavey growing stache?
-diop got his first points just before the end of the quarter, flopped toward a loose ball, does that count as a rebound? (finished with 6 and a 3 second tech)
-confirmed: local coverage for the laker game fsn at 10pm
-dunleavey offensive foul (non-call) and falls hard, obrien in the ref's face, quite quite close and a tech, then calm again
-lets be the guys who don't argue with the refs, please?  i know you have to stick up for yourself and work the guys to get hings to go your way but it's horrible to watch the jim obrien thing was ugly
-bad shot decisions on the final 2 possessions for the bobcats threw it away, can't blame it on the refs on that okafor dunk attempt, make it easy for them by drawing the contact


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