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Pacers Wrap and Bobcats at Milwaukee 10/30

Hope you guys are over the 0-2 start...I know I'm not.  Last Night's loss to the Pacers is a tough one to swallow.  Being up by 10 or 9 throughout much of the 2nd and 3rd quarters only to let it fall apart in the fourth quarter is troubling.  Danny Granger led scoring with 33 points but he was playing with 5 fouls much of the 4th quarter, fouling out with 44 seconds left in the game.  The killers in this game were Josh McRoberts and TyTy Hansbrough.  Combining for only20 points, they made the runs that kept and put the Pacers within and beyond striking distance.  No one blocked out on McRoberts while he had a string of putbacks through the 3rd quarter.  The Bobcats were up 8 and the Pacers were MISSING shots, "who's on the white kid from Duke that's played in 84 total games over 3 years and averages 2.5 rebounds and 3.3 points?"  "Don't worry about it, he won't"  Wait but he did and the Pacers all of a sudden have life.

Next on our list of unimpressive honky ass white boys, Ty Ty Hansbrough!  Didn't do much, didn't enter the game until the 7:42 mark in the 2nd quarter.  8 points for his tenacity in the 2nd and a timely 4 more to end the game in the final minute.  I actually saw a headline "Hansbrough beats Bobcats."  How can captain vertigo singlehandedly beat a playoff team?  Better figure it out quick Larry cause tonight, a team most people say was greatly improved this offseason looks to duplicate the feat.

Mille-wau-kay, obviously an evil place if they can elect 3 Socialist Mayors, got a kid with a goofy haircut or 4.  Bogut is from Australia, which I don't like.  Let's go over this "much improved" comment.  ESPN's pre-season breakdown has many saying they will be 5th seed entering the playoffs.  Adande calls them "The league's most useful roster."  To me, hanging Corey Maggette, Drew Gooden and John Salmons as massive improvements and "the most useful" is a bit inaccurate.  They have yet to gel in the cheese state and I'm not fully impressed.

Each team hopes to get off the schneid tonight.  Neither has won although, Charlotte's loss last night was better than either of the Buck's 2.  Milwaukee is 2nd to last in the league in scoring and 10th in opponent scoring.  I'd be more troubled if I were a Bucks fan.  Tonight's game, slightly intriguing but might be ugly.  I was reading BucksBall's Preview, umm, are they as irrational as I am?  Their breakdown has an advantage for the Bucks of Jennings over Augustin (can't disagree although I have it closer to a toss up) and Gooden over Diaw, although I don't really see them as a direct match up and Bogut over stinkin Nazr.  Nazr is pissing me off and I was defending him to whoever would listen (although not as much on the boards).  Nazr lost the tipoff last night to Josh McRoberts...really?  10 and 5 points so far, respectively and 4 rebounds in each...not strong for a starter, the guy is playing like stone.  Unimpressed to say the least.  But where I disagree most with BucksBall is on their prediction of the Bucks bench beating the Bobcats overall:

If Corey Maggette didn’t exist and the Bucks bench just played six players on Friday night, their line would have looked like this: 13 points (6-20 FG 0-4 3FG 1-2 FT), 10 rebounds, four assists, four turnovers and 17 personal fouls.  That, friends, is a disaster.  Milwaukee absolutely must find some other solutions off the bench, aside from Maggette.  It was nice to see Mbah a Moute and Brockman return, but they provided little more than energy.  Brockman needs to do the rebounding he was brought in to do.  Mbah a Moute still looks fairly hopeless anywhere on the offense aside from directly underneath the rim.  He still looked good defensively, but Milwaukee’s offensive problems are so significant right now, it’s difficult to forget his issues on that end.  Charlotte may be one of the only teams in the league that poses less of a threat from behind the arc than Milwaukee.  The Bucks can cling to Maggette’s one made 3-pointer off the bench, but the Bobcats have yet to see a backup hit a three.  This could get ugly tonight.

If the game were simply about 3 pointers, he might be right.  The leading scorer for each team that should be starting will be the difference and I simply don't see anyone on their squad that can keep pace with the athleticism of Tyrus Thomas.  Between Tyrus and Gerald Wallace, they might out-rebound everyone on the Bucks minus Bogut.  it's going to be fun to watch, the more I think about it.  I don't see their age and lack of athletes helping them.  I'm sure people think the Bucks' defense is stout, mostly because they don't have anything else.  We shall see tonight.


Final Score:  Bobcats 47  -  Bucks 34  (I suck at predicting the final score obviously, so how far off could this be compared to the other nights)

Over/Under on mentions of Brandon Jennings great start and fall off from last year by Steve and Dell:  7

Surprise of the game:  Bobcats win, by a lot.  Bucks are off to a really slow start and I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't get it together for a few weeks


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