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The Charlotte Bobcats - Minnesota Timberwolves Recap: The Ivan Koloff Edition

When you are chatting away with a bunch of friends while watching the Bobcats get an overtime win over the Timberwolves, a lot of strange topics tend to come up. While in the BCP Chat Room last night we had in depth discussions on the following topics:

  • If DJ Augustin shaved his head, He would probably look quite a bit like The Russian Bear Ivan Koloff. He may want to get out the hair clippers and give that new look a try.

  • "Jack at the half"? No one else with the Bobcats found that hilarious when they came up with that segment name?

  • Eduardo Najera has a new nickname, he will now simply be known as "The Machete"

  • Speaking of nicknames, how do you like Kwamegeddon!!! That gem is courtesy of Proudiddy.

  • On Kevin Love's MVP chants that he was receiving last night: "MVP chants, really, are they still serving drinks during OT?"

On to the game.

With Gerald Wallace, Stephen Jackson, Gana Diop and Nazr Mohammed out the Bobcats had no choice but to give heavy minutes to their bench players. Gerald Henderson and Tyrus Thomas both got 30+ minutes. All the other bench players with the exception of Sherron Collins who got a DNP-CD played at least 12 minutes. Boris Diaw and Kwamegeddon ( you were paying attention earlier, weren't you ) had a strong first half, Boris scoring and Kwame on the boards. They both cooled off in the 2nd half but Kwame managed to finish up with 8 points and 14 rebounds while Boris had a very nice 16 points, 4 rebounds and 7 assists before fouling out. With Nazr and Gana out for a while, Kwame is going to have lots of opportunities to have more games with big rebound numbers like last night. LDM III E had a very solid 10 points on 5-5 shooting and The Machete came out of nowhere to chip in 11 points, 2 rebounds, 2 threes in only 12 minutes. He contributed a ton of energy.

The star of this game was Tyrus Thomas, After giving up the 16 point lead that they held early in the 3rd quarter and falling all the way down to an 8 point deficit late in the 4th. Tyrus Thomas ( along with 8 big points in the final 2 minutes by DJ Augustin ) carried the Bobcats offensively and defensively in the final few minutes of regulation to tie the game up and send it into overtime. Without TT's efforts we would have lost by double digits.

In overtime, The Bobcats managed to pull out to a 6 point lead. With that breathing room and some poor execution by the T-Wolves, they managed to walk away from the game last night with a much needed road win.

The Silas era is now 3-2.

Next up Saturday Night against the Washington Wizards.


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