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Orlando Magic

Blogcat's Take, 1/23

Jan 23 2016 03:11 PM | Blogcat in Orlando Magic

I don’t care that last night’s Hornets-Magic game resembled two blind drunks who got into a brawl over the last urinal without realizing there were several open stalls, Charlotte’s comeback overtime win will go down as one of their best, all-time, most...

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Game Thread: Orlando Magic at Charlotte Hornets...

Nov 21 2014 06:25 AM | ziggy in Orlando Magic

The question of the day is this: If we lose at home tonight against the young Orlando Magic is it officially time to panic? Let me add that following this game our next 6 games going to be a real challenge.HeatClippersBlazersWarriorsHawksBulls

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Preseason Game Thread: Orlando Magic at Charlot...

Oct 12 2014 06:34 PM | ziggy in Orlando Magic

Monday night Aaron Gordon gets his first face to face experience at guarding the Lord of the Left Block. I think that we can all agree that this will sum up Gordon's experience Spoiler A few open questions:Will Lance Stephenson play?Are any of y...

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Game Thread: Orlando Magic at Charlotte Bobcats...

Apr 04 2014 08:02 AM | ziggy in Orlando Magic

We all remember how this worked out last week. This time around we have an opportunity to climb up to .500 and possibly gain some ground on the Wizards who are matched up against the Knicks tonight. What I'd like to see is more of what we witnessed a...

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Blogcat's Take, 3/29

Mar 29 2014 08:13 PM | Blogcat in Orlando Magic

Before I do anything, I have to acknowledge the stupidest ESPN.com headline I’ve ever seen in my life, or at least this week. It’s on their main page right now: “LeBron on Cabrera deal: 'Wow'.” Why one pro athlete’s generic exclamatory response to the...

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Game Thread: Charlotte Bobcats at Orlando Magic...

Mar 27 2014 08:37 PM | ziggy in Orlando Magic

This seems like it should be an easy win, but the Bobcats can't take this one for granted. The Magic have Tobias Harris, Nikola Vucevic and 2013 BCP draft man-crush Victor Oladipo on their squad and they have a fairly decent 16-18 record on their hom...

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Bobcats Fans Pathetically Really Excited About...

Jan 19 2013 08:20 AM | Blogcat in Orlando Magic

This is how pitiful I am: anytime the Bobcats have a lead in the fourth quarter, I start calculating how soon they could theoretically win if they did nothing except commit 24-second violations for the rest of the game. Then I’ll start changing variabl...

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Bobcats Play Diaw, Somehow Win Anyway

Mar 13 2012 04:46 PM | Blogcat in Orlando Magic

In a whipsaw three-day period, the Bobcats got a taste of arguably the NBA’s best and worst teams.  The results were predictable: against the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Bobcats had fewer answers than a Sarah Palin interview and were blown out in a disa...

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Thaaat's More Like It

Jan 02 2012 11:37 AM | Blogcat in Orlando Magic

Back to life, back to reality for the Bobcats.  Charlotte ushered in the new year with a blow-out bloodbath against the Magic that they spectacularly topped two nights later against the Heat. The Magic loss was a dreary affair, made all the more pit...

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The Bobcats must learn to play the losing hand.

Jan 02 2012 02:35 AM | Christian "Norway" Bodin in Orlando Magic

I hate to be the one to say "I told you so", but here we are 1-3 to start the season as predicted. A heartbreaking loss to the Heat at home started a 3 game losing streak involving the Magic at home, and a blow out loss to the Heat at the American...

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Officially over: Bobcats lose to the Magic 111-102

Apr 07 2011 06:27 AM | BRNC in Orlando Magic

The Bobcats have been mathematically eliminated from playoff contention after losing to Orlando. The 'Cats were once again playing without the injured Stephen Jackson, but Gerald Henderson shined with a 32 point night for Charlotte. The Bobcats had fou...

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Charlotte Bobcats / Orlando Magic Recap 11/17

Nov 17 2008 05:29 PM | Guest in Orlando Magic

Bobcats lose to whoever the hell they played  It’s 10:30 Monday morning and I feel like I was run over by a truck.  BigCat’s tip of the day:  If you’re going to try and go all day sports, bring some water and eat your bananas.  Don’t drink beer a...

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Charlotte Bobcats / Orlando Magic preview 11/16

Nov 16 2008 06:49 AM | Guest in Orlando Magic

Super Man vs. Not Super Man  Walking out of the arena on Friday night I was asked by the guy who sits behind me every game for the last 2 years, “You feel like doing the double dip on Sunday?”  Whoa, I hadn’t thought about that.  Sundays...

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2008 Southeast Division Previews

Oct 25 2008 09:47 PM | Guest in Orlando Magic

Atlanta Hawks Matt McHale: Basketbawful Hoopinion: Peachtree Hoops Charlotte Bobcats BrettL: Queen City Hoops  Ziggy: BobcatsPlanet Miami Heat Darren Heitner: SportsAgentBlog.com Gregory Broome: The Peninsula is Mightier Orlando Magic Ben: Thir...

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Magic 118 - Bobcats 80: Sarah speaks to the Bo...

Oct 09 2008 08:38 AM | ziggy in Orlando Magic

Governor Sarah ( a closet Bobcats fan ) has graciously agreed to answer questions from a moderator following the Bobcats 118-80 loss to the Orlando Magic. Moderator:  Governor Sarah, What was your reaction to the Bobcats 38 point loss to the Orlando Ma...

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Dwight Howard is Superman

Feb 17 2008 03:09 AM | ziggy in Orlando Magic

In case you missed the Slam Dunk contest last night, take a look at Dwight Howard as Superman... Who knew that Superman is really a tall balck dude that plays ball for the Magic.    

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Blogcat's Take, 1/18

Jan 18 2008 07:04 AM | Guest in Orlando Magic

BREAKING NEWS: Nazr Mohammed is good!  I have proof!  Because we seem to be living in a sort of “postmodern” statistical era, in which all of the traditional stats are deemed completely worthless and it turns out that Wilt Chamber...

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