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Game Thread: Charlotte Bobcats at Philadelphia 76ers 4/2

Tonight the Charlotte Bobcats will be in Philly to play the Sixers.

Philly is bad... So bad that they are basically in the same boat that Bobcats were 2 years ago when they shitted up the 2011-2012 season.

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Even though the Sixers are in this horrible state, The Bobcats can't afford to slip up and take them lightly. We want to maintain the positive momentum and keep hope alive for the 6th seed.

This wont't be another Magic-esque trap game will it?


    Don't forget we lost in Philly earlier this year...

    I want a win, and I don't want my heart to beat like drum n bass in the 4th like every night. It would be great to get an easy win once in a while..





    I guess this makes me better than the biggest NBA fan  :)

    I called the Magic game a trap, but I don't think this is one.  Shit, the Magic are 17-19 at home, but the 76ers?  Whose only win in the last few months was home versus a team that is intentionally trying to lose?  We use the term "tanking" pretty loosely, but I watched that game, bet Philly ML, and saw Detroit basically give the game to them.


    But a loss tonight?  I don't think I'd be able to take a letdown like that.  I'd lose it.

    Agree with you here G Force...Orlando is a much stronger team, especially at home, than Philly for sure.

    Agree with you here G Force...Orlando is a much stronger team, especially at home, than Philly for sure.


    Orlando actually isn't that bad in terms of talent, they're just young and directionless. Vucevic is one of the better young centers around, Harris and Oladipo are really promising young swingmen, Harkless has the talent to be similar to MKG, and Afflalo's been having a career year. I wouldn't be surprised if the Magic were significantly better each of the next two years, similar to what Utah has brewing out West. 



    Charlotte has lost six in a row in Philadelphia and is 3-14 there all-time.

    It's time to improve this!

    Must win . I can accept the Orlando setback, those things happen but we can't lose 2 games like that in a week. My expectations are too high for this team to do that now

    We really should finish the final 8 games no worse than 5-3.  Tonight should be a cake walk, but we definitely can't look past them.


    Get it done. 

    Apr 02 2014 04:08 PM

    Josh McRoberts is out of tonight's game with a sprained ankle he suffered in the win against Washington earlier in the week. I guess we are going to get a chance to see what Cody can do starting? Or do you think Clifford is more likely to put a vet in the starting line up such as Tolliver as not to mess with Cody's mental approach to the game? Could also start CDR at the three and shift MKG to the four, especially with Thad Young playing a lot of power forward for the Sixers.

    Apr 02 2014 04:45 PM

    Cody Zeller getting the start tonight! Wooh!

    Hopefully this is a DJ White getting extended minutes in the 4th type of game.

    May we look back on tonight as the beginning of Sir Cody Zellers 16 year reign of terror as starting power forward in the NBA.  

    Apr 02 2014 05:09 PM

    Can I please ask that we don't all over react to Cody's game, if he does terrible or great, it is only one game and shouldn't influence our opinions about McRoberts

    Apr 02 2014 05:42 PM

    So what are we supposed to do when Cody "Tim Duncan" Zeller goes off for 24 points and 12 rebounds?

    Lol wtf Hendo
    Sixers have thrown it away 4 times lmfao

    This game is..


    Is this what our team felt like to play against 2 years ago? Wow.

    Just flipping on the TV. 2 questions:


    1. Are we up by 30 yet?
    2. Does Cody already have his triple double?

    Is this what our team felt like to play against 2 years ago? Wow.


    We were waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy uglier.


    Apr 02 2014 06:31 PM

    Ugh. Henderson draws a double team and takes a fadeaway long 2 with a WIDE open Cody Zeller sitting at the elbow. He made it but holy crap that's a terrible decision.

    Love to see that a Bobcats player gets a superstar treatment.

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