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Philadelphia 76ers / Charlotte Bobcats Preview 11/24

Bobcats at Home Tonight against Philadelphia 


I just asked the guy who I share season tickets with if he wanted to go he said “No.”  quickly with no explanation.  I said “Ok…..oh is it because you’re a Packers fan and they are on Monday Night Football?”  His response: “That and I mean come on.  It’s a Monday night game against Philly.  I’d rather not waste my time.”  I wonder if the Bobcats feel the same way? 

The Sixers are pretty good.  They made the playoffs in a weak East last year and scared Detroit much like Atlanta scared Boston.  They improved in the offseason, bringing in Elton Brand.  Brand is a career 20/10 guy, made it to 2 All-Star Games.  They added him to a pretty good group of guys “led” by Andre Iguodola.  I put “led” in quotation marks because Iguodola is not a leader.  He’s not the guy that gets that team going.  I think Mo Cheeks is the guy for the Sixers because none of their players really do anything for me.   

They’re a good team; well put together, each player with a defined role.  Hmm, that sounds like it would be nice.  Add an All-Star to some nice pieces and parts that learned to play together last year, BRILLIANT!   

Philly by 15 tonight, it won’t be close.  Nothing will change for the Bobcats until something big happens.  Nothing big will happen so I don’t feel like going.


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