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I'm not saying that Raymond Felton should be traded but...

Rumors have been flying around that any of the Bobcats (with the exception of Jason Richardson) could potentially be moved before the start of the season. With that being said, if Ray was going to be dealt then one of the biggest needs for this team is a mobile power forward to chase the super athletic Chris Bosh types of the world on the defensive end of the court. I know what some of you are thinking, isn't that Emeka Okafor? Not exactly, We've come to the conclusion that Emeka is a 5 and not a 4.

So lets just say Ray is being dealt, here are a couple of deals that would net us an athletic PF that work under the RealGM trade checker.

Raymond Felton for Golden State's Brandon Wright

Rationale: I do believe that the Warriors might be in the market for a PG, they just lost a fantastic one in free agency to the Clippers. Maybe you've heard of him. Also this deal wouldn't disturb the Tarheel ratio on the roster.

Raymond Felton for Milwaukee Bucks' Charlie Vilanuevea

Rationale: The Bucks are unhappy with the PG play of Mo Williams. Some are saying that he is an unfit PG, so they may be in the market to make a move.

Feel free to Discuss, Debate, Ridicule or rip me a new one, the choice is yours


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