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Philadelphia 76ers

Game Thread: Charlotte Hornets vs. Philadelphia...

Nov 02 2016 08:43 AM | GS7 in Philadelphia 76ers

Philadelphia 76ers (0-3) @ Charlotte Hornets (2-1) The Charlotte Hornets host the winless Philadelphia 76ers at the Spectrum Center tonight. The team is looking for their first win this season at home. The Hornets look to head the 76ers th...

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Game Thread: Charlotte Hornets at Philadelphia...

Oct 04 2014 07:50 PM | ziggy in Philadelphia 76ers

Basketball is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gentlemen, We have survived yet another long, basketball-less summer. And in a mere few days, glorious basketball (preseason anyway) will be back in our lives. Are you ready?

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Game Thread: Charlotte Bobcats at Philadelphia...

Apr 02 2014 06:45 AM | ziggy in Philadelphia 76ers

Tonight the Charlotte Bobcats will be in Philly to play the Sixers. Philly is bad... So bad that they are basically in the same boat that Bobcats were 2 years ago when they shitted up the 2011-2012 season. Even though the Sixers are in this horribl...

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Bobcats Win First Game in Years Against Team Th...

Apr 04 2013 03:36 PM | Blogcat in Philadelphia 76ers

The best thing you can say about the Bobcats game on Wednesday night is that there are only six more of them to go. But the second-best thing you can say is that the Bobcats came out on top against a Philadelphia 76ers team that was desperately looking...

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Bobcats’ Defense Functioning Like a Well-Oiled...

Mar 31 2013 05:24 AM | Blogcat in Philadelphia 76ers

"We got a lot of guys with pride and a lot of heart,” said Gerald Henderson after the Bobcats’ failed semi-comeback against the Knicks on Friday night, “We just couldn't come up with it at the end of the game." An answer for J.R. Smith and Carmelo Anth...

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Like A Kidd-Gilchrist Out There

Feb 10 2013 08:41 AM | Blogcat in Philadelphia 76ers

Let’s start with the good news, because there’s enough bad Bobcats news to depress a Syrian: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is back from his concussion. He also seems to be back to normal, playing 39 minutes in the last two games. He’s only shot 2-for-11, incl...

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Bobcats Sort of Win And Kind of Lose A Little Bit

Mar 20 2012 04:47 PM | Blogcat in Philadelphia 76ers

This is all Ron Rivera’s fault.  The head coach of the Carolina Panthers seems like a great guy, with solid Edward James Olmos looks and values.  I imagine he really appreciated the film Stand and Deliver.  But the man has an unfortunate verbal tick in...

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The Cho Objective

Feb 23 2012 01:33 AM | ziggy in Philadelphia 76ers

Here in our Bobcatsplanet Forums we've come up with a term for all of the losing that the players and fan base have had to suffer through this season. We have given this painful process the title of  The Cho Objective. Now we didn't give it this...

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Charlotte Bobcats lose to Philadelphia 76ers in OT

Jan 18 2011 05:36 AM | ziggy in Philadelphia 76ers

In honor of Boris Diaw's triple-double last night, I'll type my next few sentences about Boris' performance in French. I had a semester of french back in the 9th grade, and if I remember correctly, I received a very solid C- so this should be no...

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Charlotte Bobcats / Philadelphia 76ers Recap 11/25

Nov 25 2008 05:23 PM | Guest in Philadelphia 76ers

Cats Win; City Rejoices  The Charlotte Bobcats, in Steve Martin’s words (announcer.  Not the actor/comedian), led almost wire to wire against one of the top teams in the East.  Philadelphia and the Bobcats traded the lead the whole 2nd h...

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Philadelphia 76ers / Charlotte Bobcats Preview...

Nov 24 2008 04:58 PM | Guest in Philadelphia 76ers

Bobcats at Home Tonight against Philadelphia  “WHOOOOOOO FREAKINNNN CARRREES!!!!?”  I just asked the guy who I share season tickets with if he wanted to go he said “No.”  quickly with no explanation.  I said “Ok…..oh is it because you’r...

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Aug 04 2008 10:35 PM | Guest in Philadelphia 76ers

For everyone's reading pleasure I decided to submit my list of the best 2-3 combos in the East to see where exactly this team ranks with all the others. I took into consideration if a team has a reserve with starting caliber talent. Feel free to argue...

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Blogcat's Take, 1/28

Jan 28 2008 11:12 AM | Guest in Philadelphia 76ers

The Bobcats turned in two stomach-churning performances over the weekend, thereby splitting a pair of games that were both highly winnable.  The disappointments in both games were varied in type, size, and scope, but their common let-down has...

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My top 5 most disturbing images

Nov 07 2007 04:54 PM | ziggy in Philadelphia 76ers

My top 5 most disturbing images   5. Demonic Monkey 4.  Hawk Dog   3. This pimp decked out in green. Doesn't this pimp realize that all of the truly  pimpalicious pimptastic pimps are wearing...

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Setting the bar for November in Charlotte

Nov 01 2007 09:05 PM | Guest in Philadelphia 76ers

Whether or not there is true cause for optimism with this Charlotte Bobcats team could be largely decided right away this season. After an off-season of improvements across the board in the Eastern Conference, there is plenty of uncertainty as t...

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76ers 106, Bobcats 97 & Nets 113, Bobcats 107 (...

Mar 25 2007 02:12 AM | ziggy in Philadelphia 76ers

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to comment on Friday night’s game against the Sixers. I’m in a Forecasting class at school right now and I was working on an insanely difficult assignment--the handout for the project itself was 9 pages of...

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Bobcats 102, 76ers 87: Blogcat's Take

Feb 23 2007 02:44 PM | ziggy in Philadelphia 76ers

First of all, rest in peace Dennis Johnson.  For anyone too young to remember, Johnson was a fabulous two-way scoring/defending point guard.  I’d take an in-his-prime DJ on the Bobcats over any number of today’s superstar guards,...

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